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Barnes has a Week he could Forget


Last week couldn’t have been among the best weeks Memphis Grizzlies small forward Matt Barnes has ever had due to a series of transgressions that took place.

Firstly, in a Milwaukee Bucks game last week, Barnes attempted a layup before Buck power forward John Henson annihilated the shot. Henson went on to engage in a form of a diatribe, scolding Barnes with a look of “I’m brawnier than you.”

Of course, Barnes didn’t take this too lightly as he charged Henson before peacekeepers accomplished their mission.

The game was out of reach because the Bucks were up 96-86 with six seconds left in the contest. Still, Henson earned a technical foul for taunting, his second of the game, which resulted in an ejection.

As Henson headed towards the tunnel, he hyped the hometown crowd with a series of trendy gestures.  Shortly thereafter, Barnes bolted in the direction of Henson.

On Saturday it was announced that Barnes would be suspended a game for following Henson into the locker-room and his verbal altercation which happened just before.

NBA faithful shouldn’t be surprised with Barnes’ escapade; after all, he’s done this before in other fashions.

Secondly, in recent photos captured by TheCelebriteanews, Derek Fisher is seen on a vacation intimately with Barnes’ ex-wife, Gloria Govan, who was famously known to be on the critically acclaimed reality series Basketball Wives.

Before this NBA season, Barnes was tipped off that Fisher was romancing Govan inside of her home, a place where Barnes once lived. Barnes then journeyed to the house and blows were thrown. Fisher didn’t want to press any charges according to the New York Post.

To say it wasn’t a good week for Barnes would be an understatement—but at least the Memphis Grizzlies are in playoff contention, where currently, they would face a five-year rival in the Los Angeles Clippers if the season ended today.


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