Bahamas Hosts its First Fashion Week

We were on the scene for the grand opening of Bahamas Fashion Week (BFW) in Nassau, Bahamas at the Melia Hotel and Resort. With so much culture and fashion in that part of the Caribbean, we don’t know why it hasn’t happened sooner but we definitely know it will be around for years to come.

The inaugural BFW was co-produced by Cardell McClam and Joe Stubbs. BFW wasn’t just a weekend full of fashion shows. It also included empowering panel discussions about men and women and the progression of the creative arts in the Bahamas.

The first night of the BFW consisted of designs from Emerging Bahamian Designers. The designers were Chic Bahamas 242 (Cassandra Johnson, Eleuthera, Tonique Farrington) and Julie Bernart (Yuliya Bulychouva).

Day two of BFW included educational and cultural workshops and designer showcases. The designers who presented were Reve Swimwear (Racquel Barr), Vernique Shaunasse (Vernique Chandler), Estreja Designs (Keisha Pratt, Kenney Moxey), Hardour Collection (Anthea Bullard), and Raphelta (David Rolle).

Men’s Style Panel