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Bachelor Party: What type of partyer are you?

By many men the bachelor party is one of the most looked forward to events prior to their wedding. This leads to the next question of “where to go and what to do”? This depends heavily on the soon to be groom, his soon to be spouse and the budget. And in rare cases the bachelor party is nothing more than a dinner with their friends, but for the bulk of men they fall in to one of the two categories below.


For many new couples that are in their early 20’s, just starting their lives, money is tight so the budget for an extravagant bachelor party does not exist. Thus it needs to be a local and fairly inexpensive event. Local pubs or dance clubs are a favorite for these types of bachelor parties. For the sporting enthusiast, local sports teams’ games are another top pick. Gather up all the guys and head out to a hockey or baseball game and enjoy the evening with your closest friends.

For those that have a slightly larger budget and the flexibility to do what they want, destination bachelor parties are becoming a new trend. Sin City (Las Vegas) has always been a top party destination for a short weekend getaway, so it is only natural that thousands of bachelor parties head here every year, likely for the adult entertainment like exotic dancers and escorts which are readily available for all sorts of occasions which you can find more about here. As far as what to do there, the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. For many that is enough to sell them on it. For the really adventurous, some European countries are also a hot spot, touring Amsterdam, Ireland, Italy, . . .

Where did you go for your bachelor party or where do you want to go?

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