Bachelor Pad Essentials 101

Let’s take a course in all that you need to (A) impress the woman your eyes are on or (B) how to be the “man” and the envy of all your friends. So you’re a bachelor, never been married? A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, but he always keeps it stylish and sophisticated starting with what’s in his home and the cleanliness inside. You may be thinking already, ‘my place is spot on,’ when really it never dawned on you the reason she really left and didn’t come back or return your call. Your interior says many things about the man behind this stereotypical and mysterious title, bachelor. There are a few things you should have to maintain the “bachelor pad” of your dreams, the one she doesn’t wanna leave, but don’t get too comfortable girl, the boys are coming over for a fellas’ night. It’s the perfect place for your lifestyle and everybody is in. Grab your cigar and whiskey and get ready to go to school.

Scented Candles and/or Wall plugs – Bath and Body Works/Amazon

Honestly, you can find scented candles for men in several places but just for an example, Bath and Body Works will do. You could just create a vibe with incense! That’ll work too, but here, there are all sorts of men’s fragrances from lotions and body butters. Don’t forget to keep the bachelor pad fresh and not smelling like a garbage can. That’s not cute! They offer a hardy scent called, Mahogany Teakwood, exactly what you’re looking for. It’s woody, with a blend of mahogany, black teakwood, and lavender; so that means it’s relaxing and calm. Besides, the candles are sexy and romantic. Thank me later.

Savannah 8 Foot Pool Table – Cherry Mahogany – Ozone Billiards

Of course, you don’t just have a man cave, you have an entire pad you can enjoy with the boys, and why not add some pool into the equation. Not to mention, a pool table can come in handy for other recreational activities too! *wink wink* It’s nothing like a good game of pool on a Friday night, hanging with the fellas after a long week!