Avery D. Wilson is Mr. United States 2016

Mr. United States 2016, Avery D. Wilson, is the first national delegate to represent America at the “Mr. Real Universe” competition in Lima, Peru this October. The ten-day international competition is designed to select a gentleman of universal distinction, enterprise, and virtue that can represent the ideal global man. Featuring approximately 30 men from across the world, the “Mr. Real Universe” pageant will include the following categories: formal wear, swimwear, interview, and national costumes to showcase pride for each participating country.

Mr. United States is a distinct national pageant competition that looks for “the nation’s gentleman,” to inspire the masses. Teens (Ages 14-18) and Adult males (Ages 19-34) are eligible to enter until February 28, 2017.  More than a beauty pageant, Mr. United States is a transformative system that takes converting all things good into a lifestyle. Delegate categories include: private interview, community platform, fitness/swimwear, runway fashion, formal wear, on-stage question, and an optional talent category. The criteria for Mr. United States is a man that challenges himself to become bet