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Avery D. Wilson is Mr. United States 2016

Mr. United States 2016, Avery D. Wilson, is the first national delegate to represent America at the “Mr. Real Universe” competition in Lima, Peru this October. The ten-day international competition is designed to select a gentleman of universal distinction, enterprise, and virtue that can represent the ideal global man. Featuring approximately 30 men from across the world, the “Mr. Real Universe” pageant will include the following categories: formal wear, swimwear, interview, and national costumes to showcase pride for each participating country.

Mr. United States is a distinct national pageant competition that looks for “the nation’s gentleman,” to inspire the masses. Teens (Ages 14-18) and Adult males (Ages 19-34) are eligible to enter until February 28, 2017.  More than a beauty pageant, Mr. United States is a transformative system that takes converting all things good into a lifestyle. Delegate categories include: private interview, community platform, fitness/swimwear, runway fashion, formal wear, on-stage question, and an optional talent category. The criteria for Mr. United States is a man that challenges himself to become better every day; a man that teaches sensible values; and a man that uses his voice to bring awareness to causes by advocating for those who need support.

Check out our interview with Mr. United States, Avery D. Wilson.

QG: Congratulations on being crowned Mr. United States. What did this achievement mean to you?

Avery Wilson (AW): Thank you! Being crowned the first Mr. United States was honestly the answer to so many of my soul’s questions. The achievement alone was somewhat of a hallmark road sign that pointed to a calling for greater service. Beyond what was personally affirmed, I immediately identified the importance of others being inspired by my journey. I was humbled by the opportunity to personify the values of such a diverse nation of greatness; and I was reminded that this accomplishment would be similar to every previous accomplishment in my life regarding the new responsibility to speak for something greater than myself.  

QG: You are gearing up for another competition. What is the Mr. Real Universe?

AW: The Mr. Real Universe Organization is an international male pageant system whose mission includes being a global voice for men around the world.  The pageant attracts national titleholders who are willing to employ their values to service communities globally. The October 2016 event was recently postponed to February 2017 for unforeseen circumstances. I am still very excited to potentially become the first contestant to represent the USA in this international system.

QG: What are your thoughts on Men and living a healthy lifestyle?

AW: A healthy lifestyle begins with what one believes. If a man believes that he is worthy of reaching his highest potential in life, a lifestyle alignment of all things that preserve wellness becomes an instinctive reality. I am constantly perfecting a balance in every dimension of my health. I think some men, specifically, generalize health by only focusing on specific dimensions of their wellness. I have found a true sense of fulfillment in recognizing the connectivity of all dimensions including physical, mental, emotional, and my spiritual health. I also recognize that a lifestyle is created  including physical, mental, emotional, and my spiritual health. I also recognize that a lifestyle is created by discipline and repetition, and the choice to live healthy is something every man must choose daily.  

QG: Why is education so important to you and why do you gravitate to the initiative of higher education for young men?

AW: Education has truly been an identifiable passport in every endeavor of my life. It breeds confidence, knowledge, accomplishment, exposure, ability, and growth. Education in general has been a key ingredient of my dreams becoming a reality. As a college graduate, I support young men who wish to pursue a higher education for many reasons. I firmly believe it expands their knowledge and skills, sharpens their abilities of expression and critical thinking, fosters diverse relationships, and statistically improves their overall quality of life. Nevertheless, I honestly believe it is most important to identify your life’s calling and what navigational tools best support its attainment. Higher education may or may not be the best vehicle for every man’s passion, and I fully support men who are courageous enough to follow any impassioned path towards their destiny.  

QG: What is L.O.V.E Matters?

AW: L.O.V.E. Matters (Living Optimistic Values Everyday) is a three-pillared platform that addresses:  Love for Self, Love for Others, and Love for Something Greater!  I vocalize the world’s need for more compassion and empathy by challenging every individual in society to intentionally embrace one positive value each day. The platform’s three components of love are fostered through artistic community-based initiatives, all steeped in meaningful dialogue. Society is becoming more cynical by the hour. The religious intolerances and social injustices that we witness daily are a manifestation of anger and fear. I genuinely believe that making the intentional effort to be better one day at a time will slowly cause the global energy of mankind to shift.

QG: With so much social injustices going on in the country. How do you stay strong and motivated?

AW: I am first reminded of the Law of Attraction which declares an expansion of that which we focus. As a male ambassador of the nation, it is not only my duty to be socially conscious, but also my responsibility to be a voice for the unheard. As an artist, I assume an even greater responsibility to speak to the times of which I live. My silence is not only unacceptable, but detrimental to the freedom of us all. Despite systemic woes and a history of oppressive ideologies, I remain strengthened and motivated by focusing on what matters, choosing to go high when the opposition goes low, and being intentional with my voice to promote societal acceptance. When I willfully emit love and positive energy for social change, I always attract a mirrored spirit of love in return.

QG: What is your opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement?

AW: Because of our nation’s history of institutional racism, Blacks are more likely to be racially targeted by police, cruelly exploited by the media, and brutally punished by the justice system. It is my charge to speak out for any marginalized group of people; but as an African American male, it is my ingrained duty to stand, speak, yell, shout, and even howl in proposition of what this movement is about. Black men made up only six percent of the nation’s population in 2015; but forty percent of police killings. There must be a change; not just about the tragic loss of life, but also about the lack of consequences when Black lives are wrongfully taken at the hands of police. Black lives should matter. The movement’s conversation is extremely necessary.

QG: After the Mr. Real Universe competition what will you be focusing on?

AW: Because the Mr. United States Organization is such a new face to the American public and the world of pageantry, I am using my reign to help build brand awareness for the organization. I’m very excited about our upcoming Mr. United States Tour which features a six-city circuit designed to market and recruit interested teen and adult males. I’m also thrilled about my LOVE Matters Tour which immediately follows the Mr. US Tour! My goal is to engage all Americans with my message of love, and produce impactful service initiatives that foster dialogue.

QG: How can others get involved with the Mr. United States Organization?

AW: Teen males (Ages 14-18) and adult men (Ages 19-34) can register online to compete in the 2017 Mr. United States Pageant. Individuals/Organizations who are interested in becoming a sponsor/donor, volunteer, intern, or patron of the organization can do so via our website –  


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