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Audi Takes Its Car Rental Service Globally With Audi on Demand

Traveling for the Summer? No problem. If you’re in route to San Francisco for any reason at all, take Audi with you. Audi on Demand is giving you the convenience of a luxury car in a rush, while you’re visiting some of the most amazing cities in the world. This is car rental at its most prestige. Not only are they offering this to locals and visitors in San Fran, but they’re expanding. You can now take advantage of this timely, quick, and easy new car rental program abroad. It’s now live in Singapore ( and you may be able to lease or rent a car from Presto Expat Motoring or another car rental service), Munich, Manchester UK, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Audi on Demand is a growing premium mobile app and service. This service is allowing customers to rent new cars from the German automobile manufacturer while in some major cities in the world. The best part is you don’t have to be an Audi owner to use this service, which happened to debut in Hong Kong in late 2017. Simply download the app, choose from a grand selection of available cars, and wait as an Audi concierge brings the car to a location in two hours or less. It comes wherever you, office, home, or hotel. This is such a great app and is brilliant for purchasing a new car, you can save a lot of time and money using this app, and you can also save money by checking out PCP finance when purchasing a new car! Purchasing a new car can be complicated and complex because you will want to find a model that is right for you and your driving needs, every model has different features and depending on what needs the driver has, will depend on which model the driver will want to purchase. Wichita Ford Dealership understands this and ensures that successful car dealership is top priority.

As a customer, you also have the option of requesting complimentary accessories like car seats and ski racks to go with your rental. You can check out more on this swiftly evolving Audi on Demand program here.


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