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#ATLLunchandLearn Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary

The #ATLLunchandLearn, Atlanta’s premier networking panel mixer, is back with holiday cheer and ready to celebrate. As the #ATLLunchandLearn celebrates it’s 4th anniversary, guests are in for an amazing time.

2018 has proved to be a great year for #ATLLunchandlearn as it received a makeover, sprucing up its digital makeup and partnering with the Microsoft Store and The Quintessential Gentleman. They have remained true by continuing to bring the real gatekeepers of the industry to create a teachable environment for students of all ages, who are willing to learn. Powered by ATL Time 2 Shine, Quente’sential Branding, The Quintessential Gentleman and hosted by T’Marie, Host of Its T’Marie Radio Show, guests will be treated to a three-part event, which includes: a Networking Mixer Brunch, Panel Discussion, and Audience Q&A.

“At #ATLLunchandLearn, people from all walks of life will be able to learn first-hand from industry insiders about the very industry they dream about being a part of,” said Que Jackson, co-founder of #ATLLunchandLearn.

The audience can expect a “They Teach. You Learn” joint experience with some of your past favorites Snoop (Entrepreneur), Areina Plowden (Publicist/Author), Bentley Didier (Publicist), Dave Tolliver (Entertainer/Actor), Eldredge Washington (Community Empowerment Activist), and Vince Ashton (Entertainer/Entrepreneur)

Panelists will discuss:

  1. How To Network in 2019

  2. Using Social Media The Right Way

  3. Creating and accepting the right Opportunities 

  4. Knowing your Value and Finding it in Others 

  5. Jump-starting your career

Click here to RSVP!


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