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Top Athletes that Use CBD

The ever increasing research and federal legalization of hemp-derived products have been the drive behind the massive distribution of CBD oils, topical creams, gummies, pet treats, and more.

As the benefits of hemp products continue to be discovered, CBD is exploding into the lifestyles of modern society. Many celebrities and athletes personally sponsor and use CBD products themselves.

The professional world of sports is brimming with injury stories that often affect athletes’ lives. Consequently, many current and former pro athletes are openly supporting the use of CBD. Some have established organizations such as Athletes for Care, which offers valuable resources for athletes, supports further research on the compound, and promotes CBD use. Others have gone as far as investing in CBD companies.

What Is CBD?

A brief reminder, every mammal has an internal system called the endocannabinoid system. This extensive system regulates nearly everything that keeps us functioning and healthy. The ECS is responsible for functions such as mood, appetite, and even pain.

Our bodies naturally generate cannabinoids (neurotransmitters) in inadequate amounts. These neurotransmitters stimulate the receptors to support the various functions discussed above. Now you’re probably asking yourself, what exactly does CBD do for us? In short, CBD provides an extra supply of cannabinoids to enhance the functions of the ECS.

How Can CBD Be Helpful to Athletes?

Athletes use a myriad of supplements to improve their performances. From stimulants to protein powders, there are numerous ways that provide this extra support. When you exercise, you put a lot of pressure on your body to stimulate it to grow. In addition, breaking down muscle fibers allows them to grow back stronger than they were before.

Anyone who engages in intensive workouts knows that this is a natural part of the process. If you work too hard, recovery can take days if not weeks, and injuries are even more challenging to come back from.

Even if you’re physically thriving, if you feel stressed, it can extremely hard to perform on a competitive level. That’s where CBD comes in. The compound’s soothing and therapeutic properties have helped many athletes to recover from working too hard and even bounce back from serious injuries.

Is CBD Oil Legal for Athletes?

Yes! In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances (in or out of competition). The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) quickly followed. However, only CBD was removed from the forbidden list. CBD’s intoxicating cousin, THC, is still banned as are synthetic cannabinoids.

Athletes That Are Using CBD Products

Many athletes have already turned to CBD for personal and professional reasons, and many more are following. But, going over every single one of them would take too long. Instead, let’s take a look at three famous professionals who have used CBD or are using CBD and why.

#1 Derrick Morgan

It’s easy to agree that there is no sport more dangerous than football, and playing often results in lifelong physical pain. When Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan stated he used CBD a few years ago, it got people’s attention.

The main reason it shocked some is that many still associated CBD to THC. However, with more education and studies being published, athletes now are starting to understand it’s not the same thing.

#2 Gina Mazany

Next on the list is renowned mixed martial artist Gina Mazany. Although this sport isn’t quite as big as the NFL, it can create as much damage to the players. Gina was one of the first members of the UFC