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At The Peak of Fitness with Jamie Hayes

“If I don’t make it in the NFL, I will have my own business by the age of 21 “. These are the proven words spoken by author and motivator, Jamie Hayes. Being clinically diagnosed obese at the young tender age of 11, Jamie made it a point to make a change which would ultimately have to start with him first. While most prepubescence was spending their youth playing video games and eating junk food, Jamie had another goal in mind. He set out to make a change that would cause a change and became more disciplined with his eating habits. Jamie was able to start this journey while also starting his first small business by selling candy. Even though Jamie wasn’t eating the candy anymore, he was turning it into something just as sweet.

By the time he was a senior in high school, he was definitely seeing different results in his physique and saw fit to start a new venture and his second business was formed. Impressed by the physical changes he made, neighborhood friends were willing to pay $10 per class as long as Jamie Hall was the trainer. Never wanting to get complacent Jamie had an idea that if he could train his friends as well as his clients at Bally‘s Total Fitness, where he was employed and became one of the top trainers there, then he could do all of this at his own gym. And of course, he did just that at the age of 20. Jamie’s Gym was open and he started a program called Peak Performance which can be found on everything from T-shirts to even the vehicles he drives. At this point, Jamie has been well on his way to reaching the goal that he set out to accomplish all those years ago.

He decided to take it to the next level by helping others even further with his new book written to dispel any myths as well as build every reader. The book is entitled 10 Ways To Avoid The Hype, While Living a Healthier Life. It is filled with helpful insights on different ways to achieve your own personal goals. His message is to be shapeless and formless which allows one to have the ability to become anything they would want to be. At the age of 28, Jamie Hayes is an inspiration to anyone that feels they have been counted out due to the hand they’ve been given. He is the true definition of being able to change a purpose and achieve continual levels of success. And for that Jamie, this is what makes you a Quintessential Gentleman!

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