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Artists on the Rise

The past few years we’ve seen a number of Artists rise to the top of the music world. From Lil Yatchy to Chance the Rapper, all the way to the revival of Frank Ocean. We’ve seen a wave of new artist come into the music scene, so here are a few that may continue their rise in 2018:

Russ {New Jersey}

{Steven Taylor Via Billboard}

The hip-hop/R&B artist has been around for years, but 2017 has been a huge year. Entering this past year, Russ saw his decades worth of underground work start to catch momentum and gain traction. This collimated with the release of his latest album “There’s Really A Wolf”, last May. The album blew up and currently the songs Losin Control and What They Want have over 270 million listen’s on Spotify.

While we may not see any albums released from Russ in 2018, we’re bound to get a few singles from the Artist and few features. Getting Russ on a track will likely be one of the biggest trends in music in 2018.

Khalid {Texas}

{Peter Yang for Rolling Stone}

After releasing the single Location before September of 2016, this teenager from Texas saw his song gradually gain popularity. It was a product of the digital age as the song was shared from listener to listener. I found the song in late November before it had hit the culture. Although by the time he came to NYC in January of 2017 he had started making waves. Khalid, who was barely out of high school, filled the New York stage at SOB’s.

Khalid’s fame has risen to star like levels. With nearly 30 million monthly listeners and nearly 900 million listens on his three most popular songs, Khalid’s rise won’t be from underground to relative popularity it’ll be from star to Super-Star.

Noname {Chicago}

{Via Artist twitter}

The artist formerly known as “Noname Gypsy” is still relatively unknown to the general population but has quietly amassed a cult following of listeners. Her genre is listed as rap, but that title doesn’t fully represent the style of her sound which is unique and captures the earbuds. The mellow-tone music of her 2016 Mixtape Telefone is one of the more strangely mystifying projects of recent memory.

Noname quietly mixes her way through 10 songs on Telefone speaking heavyhandedly about life, death, and Chicago. In a relatively slowed down version of her previous work, Telefone has made Noname a frequent at Music festivals the past two years. Odds are 2018 will be another break out year for the Poet/Musician who may have more music at some point this year.


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