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Array Proves R&B Isn’t Dead with “Wish You Were Here”

Today is a special day for music lovers as singer and songwriter Array releases his second official single Wish You Were Here. Available on all music platforms, this soulful song embodies the essence of when music exuded vulnerability along with a catchy hook. I got the chance to chat with Array to see how he has prepared for the release.

Who is Array?

Array is an array. Never conforming to one thing. Array does common things in uncommon ways. When I’m Array, I’m at my most poetic stage. It’s unexpected, sometimes unbelievable, but undeniable. Array is my innovative escape from Isaac. I want my catalog to be able to show that, too.

Today, your second official single “Wish You Were Here” is released worldwide, how does that feel?

It feels amaaaazing. This one was really special to me. It’s based on my actual life. I bonded with the music so so well and the emotion that you hear throughout the track is from a very real place, so it’s exciting to have packaged that up in musicianship and deliver it to a market of people who probably can relate to it. It’s real life and you can feel it.

Being an artist, we all know you all are sensitive about your S**t, how has the feedback been?

The feedback has blown my mind. I mean, even from snippets, a few people have cried in front of my face. That amazed me because I cry when I listen to it sometimes so that’s the stamp that it’s relatable, you know? People are saying it sounds like “ol skool,” which was the point as well because, in today’s mainstream music, that’s not something that you come across. I gave it a 70’s vibe and I think it translated well. They love the instrumentation, the vocals, and the feeling.

When people hear this song, what do you want them to know?

That’s a good question. I guess I want them to know, look: you’re not alone after you’ve lost something dear to you. It’s cool to commemorate the moments while admitting that sometimes, you still long for that feeling, too. There’s not a correct way to move on after a heartbreak. It’s alright to move on and still be able to say “damn, I do miss that, though.”

When can we expect a full project?

Never! That’s not the wave nowadays. People barely care about the single, our attention spans are too short in 2019 for a full project from an unknown person. We go through an album in a week (from our favorite artists) and be done with it and ready for something else. It’s harder for an undiscovered person. You need one hit…when enough people are interested, you’ll know when it’s time for a full project. 

Listen to Array’s latest single below.


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