Aron Gadson Exposes Mass Incarceration with New Book Entitled “You Already Won”

Last Tuesday, Yandy Smith hosted a private evening at the Cecil in New York City to unveil Aron Gadson‘s newest book You Already Won.

You Already Won exposes the undertones of mass incarceration within marginalized communities. While people of color make up about 30 percent of the United States’ population, they account for 60 percent of those imprisoned.

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As a teenager, Aron turned to life on the streets, which quickly lead to a 12-year prison sentence. The negative impact of a criminal record is twice as large for African Americans. Gadson’s commitment to family made him flip his life around through multiple investments in group homes for young men of color, real-estate investments and more. It is with this notion that Gadson used his incarceration setback to make a major comeback to be a self-made millionaire.