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Anything You Text Or Surf May Be Used Against You In A Court Of Law


If you haven’t heard, there is a war going on and it’s being fought in the Cyber World. The FBI has been legally fighting with the technology giant Apple Inc. in hopes to get the company to unlock an iPhone used by the San Bernadino Shooter.

Clearly this is a huge deal for Apple as it would be participating in in securing the privacy of its customers. If iPhone users began to feel as if their personal information and private usage was being infringed upon they would think twice before purchasing anything from the company. I doubt that people would take it that far to not purchase anything from the super company, but Apple believes this could potentially hurt the sales and credibility of the company.

Recently, the FBI dropped their suit against Apple stating that they have found another way to unlock iPhones. Not only were they able to unlock other phones but CBS reports, that the FBI “owns the proprietary rights” to how it unlocked the phone. The agency will also share this method with local law enforcement. Apple stated that it will work with the law but will also continue to ensure that their products are completely secure for their consumers.

This is something everyone needs to pay close attention to. Is this for the good of the country, to protect us from people who will do us harm or is it another way for Big Brother to continue to watch over us?

The Quintessential Gentleman

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