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Antwerp Is Burning

Though no longer a collective, the members of the Antwerp Six are individually injecting their Belgian sensibility into the veins of fashion, on a worldwide stage. The footprints the Antwerp Six have created while “blazing the trail” are the criterion for which new Belgian designers adhere to. For example, Cedric Jacquemyn, a Antwerp based menswear designer’s melancholy, yet punk-inspired collections makes it obvious he is Ann Demeulemeester’s creative offspring. Though it seems darkness rules in Belgium, their is a designer whose romantic, diaphanous creations are shedding light in the way of Dries Van Noten; with his eponymous line, Marius Janusauskas.

Antwerp, Belgium has been an unrecognized gem in terms of fashion for almost two centuries. Given the slew of new talent, designers signing global deals, and Belgium’s rising economy, Antwerp could one day rival fashion strongholds Paris and Milan. Check out the new Antwerp Six and some of their looks below…

Cedric Jacquemyn

Wim Bruynooghe

Toos Franken

Christian Winjants

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