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Antonio Stefano Makes a Splash with its Innovative Fashion Brand

Antonio Stefano was born out of the CEO’s desire to have unique ties to wear for business meetings. Regrettably, with the passing of Gianni Versace and the flair he brought to ties, no one picked up the slack to make businessmen stand out. On the other hand, the CEO is a huge fan of dogs and was trying to create a company that could raise the money to build a dog hospital to support abused and abandoned dogs; in this spirit, Antonio Stefano was born.

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Men are now not only wearing the ties to work but surprisingly, they are wearing them to nightclubs and other previously casual events as a fashion statement. It seems that neckties are making a comeback and Antonio Stefano hopes to lead the way.

At a recent convention the brand attended, they were the hit of the show, and the ties are happily worn by power brokers from New York to Milan; the ‘Carnevale di Venzia’ tie is the favorite of Prince Lorenzo of the De Medici family in Italy. The true power of the tie, states Mr. Riznyk, is when you wear it. Customers are always sharing stories of compliments they receive by both males and females. One person, he states, met his soul mate that way, as he wore his tie at Heathrow airport in London and she commented on it; quite the ice-breaker!

Not to be known as only a tie brand, the company is in pre-release with a ladies’ bathrobe that is sure to change how couples start their mornings; it will be available for the holiday season 2017. The brand is also in testing pre-production with a number of designs for different garments they will be rolling out. The goal is to have a high-quality product, states Stefano, which captures the eye, and stimulates the visual senses.

Not wanting to compete head-on with design houses that already have done a great job in many lines of products, Antonio Stefano is seeking to find niches that have been underserved and add some life to them. Ties states Stefano, speak so much about the person wearing them, and it’s hard to believe in this day and age people are happy with a plain color. Men, he states, can really only change their watch, tie, or belt, before they lose the respect of the mainstream business community. It’s a shame, he states, that men don’t take advantage of what few options they have available to them to make their wardrobes stand out. With many men, including Stefano, wearing Apple watches, the only options are ties and belts..and yes, they are testing belt designs now!

The ties, hand-made in Lake Como, the silk capital of Italy just outside of Milan, are currently available in Las Vegas, the ritzy Via Monte Napoleone street in Milan, and now Dubai. They are also all available online at, and carry a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects; the robes should be ready by October.


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