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Antonio Ramsey is “Funk Trap”

What becomes of a striking vocal talent that was born and bred for entertainment in South Florida, polished and primed in Atlanta and is currently being presented in the Los Angeles performance sect? Undoubtedly, the debut of a conceptual new genre, “Funk Trap” and a comprehensive new talent, Antonio Ramsey, who’s destined to dominate the charts and update what we now know to be the soulful sound of today’s man. Last night, Antonio shut down SOB’s sound stage in New York City and we were able to speak to him before he performed!

When did you first discover your love for music? I feel like my love for music has always been there! From the time I was little, my mom said I would dance to anything playing. But I feel like it really hit me the day I saw James Brown perform. It was just something electrifying about him and I just had to know more!

Who are some of your inspirations? Some of my biggest inspirations are artists like James brown & Al Green, but the 90’s music really hits home for me. Artists like H-Town, Jodeci, and Bobby Brown. That’s when music made you have emotions because everything was just so real and made you wanna actually know what love was!

What has been the biggest challenge with being an independent artist? To be honest, the biggest challenge with being an independent artist is financing things. Everyone knows the music industry isn’t cheap but at the end of the day, I have a team around me that are hustlers and don’t mind grinding to get things done. I’m thankful for that!

What have you learned throughout your journey in the music industry? One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in this music industry is ENJOY THE PROCESS. Greatness will never happen overnight. As long as you love the nights of not sleeping, the stressful times, the highs, the lows, you will be fine! It’s all about endurance and knowing that it will happen when it’s time to!

What is it like when you are on stage performing? Half the time I don’t even remember my performance. Performing for me is sometimes an out of body experience! I learned from the amazing Fantasia that it should never be you who steps on stage because your conscious mind may hold you back from giving all of yourself to your audience, but let God take control. That was some of the best advice I’ve taken!

If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be? If I had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist it would be someone who isn’t currently living and that would have been Al Green. I feel like we could have made some amazing music together! Between his amazing falsetto and my grittiness. The music would have been crazy!

Check out Antonio Ramsey’s live performance of his new song “All Night Long” below.

Photos and Video: Oscar Fermin

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