It’s the year for Chiefs’ Andy Reid to Get to the Promise Land

Andy Reid has no more excuses.

And this is coming from someone who followed Reid as a head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles for 14 seasons: 1999-2012. I am a Philadelphia native, so I have experienced Reid lead us to five NFC Championship games and only one Super Bowl appearance, a game in which a Tom Brady-led Patriots team won in dramatic fashion in the waning seconds thanks to a field goal by Adam Vinatieri, who is remarkably still in the league as a 46-year-old kicker on the Indianapolis Colts. While I am an avid fan of Brady as a quarterback — I think he is the greatest quarterback of all-time and it’s not close — several alleged cheating scandals have surfaced, including a Spygate scandal that may have very well impacted Super Bowl 39, a game in which my beloved Eagles lost 24-21. You understand why I don’t blame my quarterback Donovan McNabb, though he would go on to throw up in the huddle amid a very important drive.

We would, however, go on to get our payback in Super Bowl 53 — just two seasons ago — after a dramatic 41-33 win with indefatigable Nick Foles as our starting quarterback, my franchise’s first Super Bowl and second NFL championship in its 86-year history.

Former Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson is our head coach, and while he was the one at the helm as head coach during this historic championship season for the Eagles, he learned valuable lessons from Andy Reid, both as a coach in Kansas City from 2013 to 2015, and way back as a backup quarterback for my birds in 1999.