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Andrew Luck Going Through Concussion Protocol

The Colts gunslinger is closely being examined.

Quarterback Andrew Luck, according to, and, of course, head coach Chuck Pagano, is under concussion protocol. Henceforth, he will have to be cleared by Thursday in order to play in the big game against those terrible towels.

Although it isn’t clear as to when exactly Luck was injured, many Twitter users have speculated that it happened in the fourth quarter, specifically, when Luck dove head first at the one-yard line.

The team held a light walk-through today, and, Luck didn’t participate—rather quarterbacks Scott Toizien and Stephen Morris did.

This is a huge blow to the Colts as Luck led the team back from a 2-4 record, winning three out of the last 4 games.

The Colts take on the 5-5 Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday.


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