An Interview with the Quintessential Gentleman: Dereck Faulkner, the 21st Century Entrepreneurial

We here at Quintessential Gentleman had the pleasure of interviewing Dereck Faulkner. Dereck may be most known for his career in the NFL, but since then, he has developed multiple business ventures, two of which, Overtime Unlimited and Athletes for Vets, are developing niche opportunities for very diverse markets.   We hope you enjoy our conversation with Mr. Faulkner as much as we did, as Dereck has an abundance of knowledge to share about being a business mogul in the 21st Century.

While you are a fantastic athlete you hold multiple degrees, talk to us about your educational backgrounds, and your experiences in obtaining those degrees.

I received an undergraduate business degree from Hampton University as a student athlete. I received academic awards from the schools athletic department multiple times during my 4-year career . After my professional playing career ended I was accepted into an MBA program at George Washington University where I concentrated in Strategic Marketing and nonprofit management. I will always remain super proud of all of my academic achievements but will always hold my HU achievements higher than most. I came to Hampton University by way of Moorestown High School and where I wasn’t a stellar student. I lacked confidence as a student and academic leaner. But at HU, I truly blossomed into an outstanding student but it was credited to my professors, campus mentors and coaches. That hard work ultimately helped position me later in graduate school. At GW, I founded Athletes for Vets and the schools support my career took off.

Can you give us a brief synopsis of your career and your current endeavor?

Since the conclusion of my athletic career, I am currently operating two-boutique companies. The Athletes for Vets Foundation, which was founded in 2011, and Overtime Unlimited a brand management and marketing agency I co-founded with an undergrad classmate. During my time at George Washington University School of Business while receiving my MBA, I interned at a major pharmaceutical company and after graduation from grad school, I worked for an Australian mobile application company for three years where as head of operations operation.

What have been your greatest motivations for developing multiple entities?

My greatest motivations stem from watching my both parents be multi faceted in their own professional careers.Learn from two driven entrepreneurs and also learning to always maximize your skills and always to continue to grow your skill sets. I have a true passion for business and watching Things s grow. With AV and Overtime, this is something that I birthed and through tireless nights and long hours, both are beginning to flourish.

What led you to create