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An Evolution of Color: Art Exhibit

Last night, An Evolution of Color was presented by Artist Greg Polisseni with Artists Flore and Loren Crabbe at the Folley Gallery in New York City.

Greg Polisseni

Born in Rochester NY, Greg Polisseni developed his artistic talent at an early age at 13 years old. Greg lost his sister in a car accident. Devastating to the family, but an event which would become an integral part of Greg’s development. Being the youngest, he isolated himself, with no outlet except for his art. His art developed through the years and has been featured in many Galleries, Magazines and Displays. His famous ‘Stars and Stripes’ abstract painting can be found in many VA Hospitals Nationwide, as has hung in the White House.


Christopher Florentino, known as “Flore” pronounced Floor-ee, is a hot new artist whose work echoes influences of the late Keith Haring, Ron Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. Flore was featured last March-April with Banksy in a show with a major group of Art Galleries in Europe. Flore aims to strip away all of the filters society places on our lives. All of the habits we get stuck in. The rules we blindly follow and the stereotypes we subconsciously subscribe to; “I try to see things simple, but you can get lost very easily in the monotonous pattern of life, Hi-Def, Multi-Colored filters or Distractions, can mask reality; I want to deconstruct and expose those layers for what they really are, not just what they seem,” He says.

Lauren Crabbe

Illuminated Abjection, a study in form and color, highlights the positive moments that emerge from the perseverance associated with mental and physical hardships. Each image is a result of discipline and regimented behaviors achieved by the human being. The male and female models featured in this body of work have completed identical physical and nutritional programs in order to achieve similar physiques, creating androgynous muscular forms. The sculpted figures were then photographed throughout a high intensity workout routine. For the duration of a six hour photo shoot, they completed callisthenic exercises in between holding isometric muscle contractions. Capturing images of the human body in segments disguises the obvious, defining each muscle group, striation and crevice. Emphasis on vibrancy of color within this body of work serves as a tool for abstracting the bodily images in addition to highlighting the positive transformation. The abstracted muscles, cropped tightly and varyingly rotated, further abstract the individual components and encourages the viewer to question their initial perception. The body of work stems from my own personal dedication and sacrifice in search for overall wellness. As a wellness coach and body sculptor, I work with others to achieve their physical and mental capabilities. I push each individual to strive for their highest quality of human condition through motivational life coaching techniques.

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