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All Your Relationship Answers: QG RomanceMENt

In a world where relationships have been reduced to Tinder hook-ups, dates have been traded in for intense Netflix and chill sessions and mankind is seemingly standing over the burial site of chivalry, one group of men dare to stand in the way of this speeding train of tragedy. These men are… The Quintessential Gentlemen.

Leonardo Cavalli, Author of the book 24 & Divorced and The Quintessential Gentlemen are teaming up to bring you QG RomanceMENt! This is a place where everyone can get their relationship questions answered by one of the best and most honest/raw relationship expert in the industry. Can’t come to a common ground on a subject with you boy/girlfriend? Want to know how to keep your partner happy? Want a second opinion if you’re dating the right person? Are you questioning if your partner is being faithful? Then send us an email at:

We promise to keep your identity hidden, but tell the truth….the whole truth!

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