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All You Need To Know About the 2019 Ford Edge and Ford Edge ST

I had the opportunity to fly to Salt Lake City, Utah to experience the new 2019 Ford Edge and Edge ST. Ford Motor Company, the second-largest U.S.-based automaker and the fifth-largest in the world manufactured the first generation Edge back 2007.  Recently, Ford announced the new mid-cycle facelift for the entire Edge lineup for 2019.

The features are enormous, ranging from new aluminum-alloy wheel options for each trim level, new exterior, and interior color combinations, and a 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen B&O Play surround-sound system that replaces the existing Sony system. All the Edge models received a newly designed eight-speed automatic transmission which includes automatic stop-start, which also allows the base 2.0 L Eco Boost turbocharged Inline four-cylinder (I4) engine to gain a 5-horsepower (3.7 kW) boost.

The exterior look of the 2019 Ford Edge ST is captivating. It comes with the most influential V6, with calibration of 2.7L Eco Boost that generates 335 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, this is working in combination with a quick-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission. The Edge ST has tuned sports suspension, performance brakes, attractive headlights, and metallic.

The 2019 Edge’s 2.0L turbocharged EcoBoost produces 250 horsepower and 280 lb. ft. of torque which is mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The new Edge starts at $29,995 MSRP, just $680 more than the outgoing model year’s starting price. Edge ST will start at $42,335 MSRP. [Note: Price does not include destination and delivery fee.] The Edge ST is the first-ever SUV from the Ford Performance team, meaning that the Edge is the first SUV in the line-up to wear the ST badge. The car has responsive acceleration which makes drivers enjoy the sports mode. It has evident engine braking and a very high exhaust sound.

The Edge ST’s standard all-wheel-drive system can vary its torque split as traction demands, and it also can automatically disconnect drive to the hindmost for improved fuel efficiency.

The new transmission moves easily and subtly in its ordinary D mode. Squeezing the scatch on the comfort mounted change dial calls up more forceful change mapping that holds gears longer, yet the gearbox never feels hustled in its proportion swaps. Game mode adds a computerized tachometer to the instrument cluster, breathes life into the throttle response, and funnels extra engine noise into the lodge through the good car stereo speakers, which transforms into a low, level pitched automaton after a while.

Ford Edge Photo: James Lipman

Although Edge ST is similar to the Edge 2011 model, it has certain features which make it more superior. Edge ST has fog lamps, useful drainage canals, and attractive rear spoiler and quad edge. The wheel of the 2019 Edge ST is made of tire camo. The car stereo is perfect to hear all your favorite songs. Other features of the vehicle include control wheels, telephones, lights, and power windows. 2019 Edge ST is the vehicle of today.

Check out my interview with Ford Edge Marketing Manager, Cristina Aquino.

To learn more about the new 2019 Ford Edge and Edge ST, click here.


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