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All One Throws Launch Event for NYFWM

ALL ONE, a brand rooted in the evolution of skateboarding as it fits into the global picture of humanity launches a premier collection during New York City Men’s Fashion week July 2017.

Founded by New York Skateboarding Icon Rodney Smith, who partnered with Rob Rodrigues and Jürgen Abergas, to create a skate inspired clothing and accessory collection. A portion of the proceeds from ALL ONE will go to support their Truth & Awareness Youth Initiative.

The collection is Inspired as a part of the “Awareness Movement” and specifically targeted at raising consciousness, ALL ONE is committed to producing quality original products and content designed to engage youth to Truth and Awareness.

ALL ONE’s goal is to inspire and wake up youth culture and it’s communities to become more self-aware. By becoming more mindful, having respect for others and the greater good of humanity we can improve our existence here on earth.

“It is time to graduate to the next level and take a stand for positive change!” – Rodney Smith


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