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Alcohol Gift Guide

Its the holiday season and Alcohol is always a great gift to give to your clients, your boss and your business partners. As well as alcoholic beverages, there’s the option to buy a fancy glass to drink out of. After all, there’s no point of having alcohol with no cup! Instead of your average beer or champagne glass, why not suprise someone with a viking horn and drinking horn stand to drink out of? It’s all well and good Check out a list of Alcoholic beverages for gifts this year.

For the Curators of Style:


Courvoisier X.O. Cognac is a complex blend of well-matured cognacs aged from 11 to 25 years. The mahogany colored blend exudes an intense aroma of crème brulée, complemented by notes of vanilla, cinnamon, candied orange and Irish flower. The smooth and harmonious taste and velvety texture is warm, memorable, and unapologetically bold. Courvoisier X.O. is a prime gifting option sure to impress any spirit connoisseur on your holiday list. ($150 for 750ml)


Courvoisier V.S.O.P. Cognac is a blend of eaux de vie aged up to 10 years then, skillfully crafted to give an exquisitely balanced cognac. The combination of floral and fruity aromas, light taste, and tender finish make this the perfect gift to keep cognac lovers cozy during the holiday season. ($37.99 for 750ml)

For the Tequila or Whiskey Aficionado:


Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila is triple aged to create a complex tequila with whiskey characteristics, making it unlike anything else in the tequila category. This unique combination makes a great gift idea for tequila and whiskey lovers alike. As the most highly awarded tequila since 2014*, Hornitos Black Barrel is definitely cool enough to win over the people on your gift list this year. ($29.99 for 750ml)

For the Person Who Has it All:


901 Tequila is a super-premium tequila created by Justin Timberlake and Sauza Tequila, one of the world’s top premium tequila brands. Perfect for any holiday occasion, 901 is a triple distilled, 100% agave tequila offering a smooth taste crafted using only the finest Blue Weber agave. ($29.99 for 750ml)

For the Margarita Obsessed:


Sauza Signature Blue Tequila – Silver & Reposado is crafted at the renowned Sauza Distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, using a process called Fresh Pressed Agave, resulting in the freshest, natural, crisp agave flavor – it’s the perfect tequila for a premium and refreshing margarita! For the perfect hostess gift, pair Sauza with a festive cocktail shaker, margarita glasses and rimming salt. ($15.99 for 750ml)

For the Host:


Pinnacle Whipped Vodka is the original whipped flavor innovation from Pinnacle Vodka. Distilled five times, Pinnacle Whipped Vodka offers a delicious flavor blend of sweet and rich whipped cream with hints of vanilla. It’s perfect for whipping up a festive hot chocolate cocktail this holiday season. ($12.99 for 750ml)


Pinnacle Original Vodka is award-winning, five-times distilled, and made with imported French vodka. The smooth spirit offers a clean and fresh taste with light vanilla finish, delivering superior quality and mixability at an attractive price point. Enjoy it in an Eggnog Martini to get in the holiday spirit. ($12.99 for 750ml)

For the Philanthropist:


One Hope Wine is perfect as a ‘gift that gives back.’ Each of ONEHOPE’s wines support a different charity through its proceeds, whether it’s finding homes for shelter animals or educating women on the risks of ovarian cancer. By purchasing a bottle of ONEHOPE wines, consumers can make a positive impact on the world in a simple, yet effective way


Now that you have all wine bottles, you will need a place to store them. Plum is changing the wine-by-the-glass experience with one simple pour. This is more than a storage for your wine, more than a wine dispenser, its the new way to grab a glass of wine. A sophisticated marriage of haute technology and elegant design, Plum automatically identifies the wine, individually chills each bottle, and preserves the wine so it can be enjoyed one glass at a time.


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