Alcohol Gift Guide

Its the holiday season and Alcohol is always a great gift to give to your clients, your boss and your business partners. As well as alcoholic beverages, there’s the option to buy a fancy glass to drink out of. After all, there’s no point of having alcohol with no cup! Instead of your average beer or champagne glass, why not suprise someone with a viking horn and drinking horn stand to drink out of? It’s all well and good Check out a list of Alcoholic beverages for gifts this year.

For the Curators of Style:


Courvoisier X.O. Cognac is a complex blend of well-matured cognacs aged from 11 to 25 years. The mahogany colored blend exudes an intense aroma of crème brulée, complemented by notes of vanilla, cinnamon, candied orange and Irish flower. The smooth and harmonious taste and velvety texture is warm, memorable, and unapologetically bold. Courvoisier X.O. is a prime gifting option sure to impress any spirit connoisseur on your holiday list. ($150 for 750ml)


Courvoisier V.S.O.P. Cognac is a blend of eaux de vie aged up to 10 years then, skillfully crafted to give an exquisitely balanced cognac. The combination of floral and fruity aromas, light taste, and tender finish make this the perfect gift to keep cognac lovers cozy during the holiday season. ($37.99 for 750ml)

For the Tequila or Whiskey Aficionado: