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Adjust your Bland Work Attire

The day and age of the suit and tie being the business uniform of today for professionals are no more. We’re looking for comfort that will last a full workday but we’re also trendsetters. Young professionals are now bringing fashion and style into the boardroom without it being a distraction. With just a few subtle tweaks you too can elevate your work attire and do away with the boring old suit and tie. Check out this dope work look we put together from retailer East Dane.

Barena Venezia: Jacket Slanegà Formentera $688.00

Lacoste: Short Sleeve Henley Shirt $59.50

Champion Premium Reverse Weave: Straight Hem Slim Woven Joggers $105.00

Dr. Martens: Zambello Stud 3 Eye Shoes $150.00

Coach New York: Charlie Briefcase with Signature Blocking $495.00


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