Actor Travis Demetri Talks Starting in the Industry, Branding Yourself and More

How did you get your start in the industry?

Well, I started acting back in high school in Orlando. Then I moved back New York to train at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.

You are seen covering events. Who have you interviewed who have inspired you the most and why?

I have spoken to several people. So it’s hard to just pick one person. However, I get inspired by ‘then and now’ stories. Meaning, ‘back then I was living this kind of life and now I’m living this way.’ kind of stories. That gets me motivated to step up my game and get this bag.

Travis Demetri 2

I have always wanted to be an actor. It’s weird because growing up I never liked to do school Christmas shows or anything on stage but I was always acting a fool at home. So when I was in high school I decided to just say f*ck it and take a drama class. That’s how I actually starting acting, back in high school. I just gained more confidence in myself.

Are you working on any projects coming up?

Right now, I just wrapped Steel River in ATL with Signal23tv (which is on YouTube, Vimeo, and Roku), and I have a commercial on-air. Other than that, I just have my hands in different things with film projects, hosting, and working with a few brands.