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A Woman’s Worth

As of this year, the majority of my clients that I coach are single mothers. I must say that after hearing so many of their stories my heart truly goes out to them all. There are no group of people that I respect more. To the men that are reading this, I want to let you all know that not all single mothers are single mothers because they were “hoes”. There are ladies that were married who have now gotten divorced and have custody of their child/children. There are also ladies who had children with a man they had hopes of marrying that didn’t work out for one reason or another. Either way, I feel that there far too many single mothers that feel like they are second class on the picking pole for men because of what society shows us. I assure you ladies that your stock/value has not gone down at all because you have a child/children.

Ladies believe it or not, there are many men (including myself) that find it attractive to see a lady that is well taken care of and is able to take care of her child by herself. A lot of men don’t want to take risks. There is less of a risk for me at this point to know if she is a woman that is capable of taking care of another life besides her own. However if I meet a woman with no children I would still wonder how good she might be with a child.

There are many ladies around the world who have been told that a good man wouldn’t want a woman who had a child from a previous relationship, but that is 100% WRONG! I think Ciara (Singer) and Russell Wilson (NFL quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks) are a great example of a man who found great value in a woman who already had a child. Russell met her, dated her, fell in love and married her. We’ve all heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Boys abuse what they don’t know the value of. You simply need a man, because boys run away from responsibilities! You need a man that doesn’t look at you and your child as a bill, but as an asset! Ladies you are valuable and you are worthy of the best love that a good man has to offer. Don’t take jewels out of your crown or dim your light down for anyone, EVER!

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