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A Travel Story With IFly Luggage

Summer is definitely the time to slip out of the office and into something more fitting. Like a swimsuit, a pair of shades or perhaps a beach towel, either way, when it was time for my scheduled escape it sadden me to know how unequipped I was. I am a true procrastinator, also frugal and Lord knows I didn’t want to purchase anything new, well except for clothes of course. But believe you me, I had a plan to get back on track for this much-needed vacation. One of the many perks of having friends that travels more often than you is knowing that you can count on them to borrow items, but specifically their luggage.

Instead of borrowing a regular carry-on, my good friend gifted me with a brand new IFly Luggage. My prayers have been answered. My very own and first ever hard outerwear traveling suitcase. I was grateful and excited to be able to show off my chic space grey chromed out luggage. Pressed for time, I began my packing process. With everything, I wanted to take laid out beside my bed, I looked at my new IFly and started to panic. Anxiety found it’s way in and I for a split minute knew that it wouldn’t all fit. Boy was I wrong, Ifly had so many hidden compartments that even the littlest item had somewhere to go. Now off to the airport.

While living in NYC, we learn quickly through a first-hand experience that traveling anywhere locally can be a challenge in itself. Being apprehensive of rolling my luggage across town on the train, I feared of damaging a wheel, scratching the surface of the stylish design and it would be too heavy to pull. Surprisingly, none of these things was an issue. IFly definitely passed the durability test. You know what they say, if you can make it in NYC you can make it anywhere. In this case, through in NYC, lol. Finally arriving at the Delta Airline check-in counter at LaGuardia Airport, I have been faced with one last obstacle. I just knew my luggage wouldn’t make the weight requirement and I had no other option for transferring and rearranging my items. Thankfully the undefeated champ came in 10lbs under and we were sent on our way to a week in the sun.

Key Take-Aways About IFly:

  1. Stylish

  2. Durable

  3. Lightweight

  4. Plenty of Storage

  5. Easy to roll

To purchase your IFly, click here.


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