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A Stylish Spring Wedding Season

Get ready for Spring Wedding Season. Spring is upon us and you have more than likely begun preparing for the handful of weddings you will be attending this season.

The goal is to keep it light and stylish by first selecting the right fabric. The go to suiting choice for these wondrous occasions will point you in the direction of cotton or linen. Cotton (including seersucker) allows for a relaxed structured garment that looks good with or without a tie. Cotton is lightweight and breathable with a medium wrinkle factor; and if you come across a cotton suit with a bit of lycra, it will provide you with added comfort and flexibility. Linen suiting is perfect for warmer weather due to its breathability and moisture absorption properties. It is lightweight and very durable which allows for a longer lifespan if cared for properly. Be aware, however, linen tends to wrinkle very easily.

Osk Styles

Whether you choose a cotton or linen suit, feel free to select a 2 ply cotton or linen blended shirt. Lean more towards lighter colors for shirts, accents, and accessories to fall in line with a Springtime flow.* Spring colors to consider (suit) white, cream, khaki, light blue, (shirt) pink, lavender, mint green, periwinkle blue, canary yellow.

Submitted by Omar Kinnebrew of OSK Styles

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