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A Look At 5 Amazing Technologies That Power Google’s Self-Driving Cars

Though we might have heard about self-driving cars in fiction stories and may also have seen prototypes we would never have thought that this would become a reality. However, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Google it might soon be a dream come true. It will be a big leap in technology and it certainly will set benchmarks in the none-too-distant future. There are of course debates going on about the pros and cons of this technology. One of the biggest pros could be that the roads will eventually become a lot safer once the majority of cars are self-driving, as of right now if a driver wants to exhibit the best road safety practices, they may attend a CA online traffic school or similar courses. Self-driving certainly will become a reality. While we will wait for the day when it happens, we will try and have a look at the various technologies which are unique and perhaps even awesome, to say the least. The technologies are quite a few. It may not be possible to talk about each one of them. However, we will try and have a look at a few of them over the next few lines. Further, if you are planning to choose your car battery at techrogers at a future date, this could also be helpful.

Amazing Devices Within The Car

There are many amazing and technologically devices inside the car and these include high-quality altimeters, gyroscopes, and tachymeters. Each one of them has their own functions and they help in determining the exact position of the car. This is possible because each of the above devices measures various different parameters. This goes a long way in offering data that is highly accurate which could help the car to operate safely even when traveling long distance.

Combination Of Functions

The data that is gathered by the various devices need to be put into use effectively and efficiently so that the safety, security and smooth movement of the self-driving car can be ensured. This is made possible because of a highly advanced central processing unit. The CPU and the inbuilt software make such synergy possible and ensure safe and seamless driving.

It Can Interpret Common Road Signs

The software configuration and designing have been done in such a way that the car can easily interpret common road signs and road behaviors. It could include things like cyclists maneuvering and showing signals and signs on the move. When the self-driving vehicle comes across such signals it slows down and allows the cyclists to move and go his way.

Unique Advance Mapping System

As of now before the self-driven car moves along a pre-determined road, a driver driven car is driven in the same route. The entire route is mapped and nothing is left out including road markers, poles, road signs and much more. This map is fed into the software of the self-driving car. This helps the car to identify whether it is in familiar terrain. If there are any non-standard aspects which are not in agreement with the map that is fed-in, the car negotiates and same and avoids any accidents.

Real Life Behavior Programming

Some real-life behaviors also have been programmed into the car. For example, it can slow down in 4-way intersections and wait for the signal to turn green. Further, it also has the capability of overtaking a slow-moving vehicle in case if the road ahead is clear and the vehicle in front prefers traveling slowly.

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