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A Destination Beyond Expectation, Meet Troy Brookins

Constantly striving for more, using pain to gain strength and learning that you are better than every negative situation is things that could easily describe Troy Brookins. This constantly evolving athlete, actor, model, and motivator has spent his life overcoming and achieving since his early days. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Troy had the opportunity to see both the great and not so great parts of life. Raised by both his mother and father, at an early age he was instilled with values that have still helped him succeed until this day.

Troy attended one of Cleveland’s popular yet troubled inner-city high schools. During this time, he discovered his love for sports. His senior year of high school was very tragic for him due to his best friend being murdered. Shocked and devastated, his parents believed it was time for a change and opted to move to the suburbs where Brookins would attend and complete school at Bedford High School, former alma mater of Halle Berry. Due to Troy’s low test scores and GPA, Troy could not attend any of the many colleges he received letters from. Never one to let a bad thing deter him, he pressed on and eventually received a football scholarship to attend Tiffin University. In 2008, his dream of becoming a professional football player made a sudden turn for the worst. The former star athlete was forced to turn away from his full scholarship and move back home to help family members overcome financial burdens. With multiple NFL scouts on his radar, he still held family matters high on his priority list. After overcoming adversity, he received his second football scholarship to Urbana University. Shortly after, he was selected to play in the Division II All-Star showcase, the Cactus Bowl.

Following his collegiate career, he continued pursuing his dreams as a professional athlete. The Cleveland Browns and St. Louis Rams showed interest in Troy, but unfortunately, injuries kept Troy from landing such an opportunity. Troy continued participating in the sport he loved as he played arena football in different states, overseas in Europe and participated in several CFL workouts. Troy decided that he would not be defeated and started intense therapy to get himself back to the rising athlete he was becoming. During the off time, he was blessed with many opportunities, one being the opportunity to act. He is best known for his debut feature in the BET series, The Quad Season 1 and 2. Also, featured in this years CBS series Young Sheldon. Troy has made multiple appearances on reality TV shows such as Real Housewives of Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Currently, Troy is in the pursuit of landing roles in today’s entertainment and TV while mentoring the youth in his local community.

“Fight for what you love and believe in; fight for your future and it will be yours regardless of life situation.” – Troy Brookins

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