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Top 7 Ways How to Treat Your Body After 40

You probably heard that the 40's are the new 30’s. Well, no matter how put it, it’s a special period of life for any living person.

At this time, people achieve full physical, mental, and spiritual maturity. However, while they won’t necessarily mature mentally and spiritually, physically they will.

So, if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you should follow the maxim in a healthy body - healthy mind.

#1 Preventive Health

The best type of treatment for people over 40 is preventive health. There are a bunch of ways to keep yourself in check and prevent further health problems. And don’t be fooled by a sole feeling and pumped out chest signaling how strong you are. Even at full strength, you could be developing health problems you aren’t aware of.

So, here are some preventive health methods you can use to treat your body:

Injuries Prevention

Quick fact - as you get older your body gets easier to injure. So, when you feel pain, even the slightest sign of it, you want to keep that pain in check. So, whether it’s sports or work, you could develop a medical state such as tennis elbow. To prevent it, you should wear a brace like a tennis elbow brace. Further, you should utilize stretching daily if possible.

Regular Medical Checkups

The next thing you want to do is to do regular medical checkups. Having a habit of visiting doctors and doing regular medical checkups is a small inconvenience. However, it’s going to propel your health in an awesome way. Doing checkups on the thyroid gland, heart, gut, liver, and brain can help you discover any medical problems in an early stage of the disease. It’ll be easier to deal with it later.

Watch Your Numbers

Finally, you want to regularly check out things like blood sugar, blood pressure, and other metrics that are relevant to your health. These numbers imply the quality of your medical state, as well as future health problems. That doesn’t mean you have to check them every day, but once a month will suffice.

Yet, there’s another thing really important for your overall well being. You should put yourself to work.

# 2 Exercise

Exercising becomes even more important as you get older. When you enter your 40s, your body gets rigid, you lose muscle mass, and it’ll be easier to gain weight. To prevent stiffness and chronic illnesses, you should get more active. Here's what you can do:

Weight Training

Weight training is amazing for people over 40 simply because it reduces every negative trait that comes with age. Unlike other forms of training, you’ll build up muscle mass, get more active, and work all parts of your body. Plus, you’ll get into the minutest condition of your life. Just make sure you take a day to rest between training days.


Stretching is mandatory for all people, regardless of sports. Benefits of stretching are numerous, since it alleviates the muscle pain, reduces inflammation, and keeps the body flexible. There are tons of stretches for beginners you can find by a simple YouTube search. And, if stretching already isn’t a part of your routine, you should make it a part of it today.

Different Cardio Activity

As the body gets older, keeping the knees and hips flexible becomes even harder. You’ll have more injuries and it’ll be much harder to heal the strains. So, hiking, cycling, and swimming could become a better alternative for running or full-contact sports. Not that you can’t do those, it’s just that risk of injuries is greater.

#3 Diet

For people of all ages, exercising isn’t as hard as dieting. Dieting is the hardest part of any training or a weight loss routine. However, as you slip into 40’s you’ll want to embrace the new type of diet. Especially if you want to keep your gut healthy, and weight in check. Here’s what you should do:

Richer Diet

Here, the most important thing is to eat more lean meat and get more protein. Then, you want to add more antioxidants and minerals, which are usually stored in fruits and vegetables. So, kiwis and bananas should become a part of your regular diet. Also, eat more nuts and stay hydrated. You can lose weight just by changing your diet, or as they put it in fitness jargon “by counting your macros”.

Less Junk Food

All that junk food is just going to make you fat and bring more health problems. Junk food is hard to process, hard to digest, and that’s the reason it makes a person fatter. Also, junk food is the reason behind coronary diseases, as well as high blood pressure, and even diabetes. If you are looking for ways to detoxify, visit this website

Now, exercising and diet are really important. However, there’s another element to this holy triad.

#4 Rest

Rest is amazingly important since rest allows your body to heal up and regenerate. Also, the less you rest the harder will it be to keep up with daily functions. Logically, you want to sleep more.

Here, it’s really important to follow your biorhythm. Keep the alarm clock away, and follow your sleep cycles naturally. Also, take regular breaks from training, and try to not overstrain yourself.

Have at least a day off from a workweek, and try to not drink too much. Try to use all the previously mentioned things to work up towards a new way of life.

#5 Improve Social Life

You may be wondering what a healthy body has to do with a social life? Well, it has a ton of things to do with it. To enjoy your social life fully, you should spend more time with true friends that share your lifestyle and understand you and your way of life. Let’s lay it out like this.

Drop Your Vices

You need friends that don’t drink and like salads. Why? Well, being 40 doesn’t guarantee immunity from peer pressure. However, if you continue drinking beyond 40 you can count on liver disease at least. So, people without such vices are your true friends. Their character reflects on you and vice versa. Pick your friends wisely.

Spend More Time With True Friends

Now, this may come off as a philosophical question, but who are your true friends? Of course, those people with whom you can practice a healthy lifestyle. So, if they invite you to hike or do yoga with them, you should do so. People who seek to take care of themselves will naturally motivate you and help you to treat your body. They’ll be treating theirs, and you should use it as motivation to do the same.

#6 Set Time Aside For Yourself

This is one of the most important things on this list. You should always make time for yourself, and do things you love. Especially, if those things will help you to treat your body. So, here’s what you should definitely do:


Have you ever wanted to learn how to repair the whole car or how to cook? Well, now is the right time to do it. You should set aside and enjoy your time by pursuing whatever craft or a skill that interests you but you previously didn’t have time to do it. The best thing of all is that you can choose those hobbies that require physical activity. It’s even better if you live a sedentary lifestyle.


The holy grail of self-time, travel is a thing all people love with a clear consensus. The best thing about traveling is that you don’t need to travel overseas. You can just travel within your country and witness how people live. It’s going to be a transformative experience. Also, it’s going to be an experience where you are going to walk a lot and reduce your diet. A perfect time to lose some weight.

#7 Seek Inner Happiness

It all comes down to this. After the hustle and bustle, sleepless nights, sacrifices and hard choices, comes the hardest thing to get. That’s happiness. Now, if you get an expensive sports car and consider yourself happy, you should revise such an idea of happiness.

You should connect with your higher self. Also, it will help you amass health benefits. And, you can do it this way:


Even if it may not seem so, meditation can help you to treat your body. First of all, mediation enforces the use of lungs and diaphragm. You’ll continually pump the air in and out, boosting your circulation, blood pressure, and revitalizing your brain cells. Not too shabby, when you consider that you are just going to sit on a mat and breathe.


Closely connected to meditation, yoga can help you boost blood flow, increase flexibility, and help the health of your organs. Also, yoga is really beneficial to the spine, as it increases its flexibility, helping everything from the brain to erection. That’s something you can do with a partner, and it’s really fun.


Sounds a bit weird? Well, consider that while you are going to work on your spirituality, you’ll also work on a bunch of rituals such as fasting. Fasting can be really great for your digestive system and help you to detox.

That’s all methods you can use to treat your body. It comes down to what you are going to do.

Stay Healthy

Now, it’s all up to what you are going to employ. After all, it comes down to whether you are going to stick with this advice or not.

Well, you should. At least, you should if you want to live the best years of your life.


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