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7 Outdoor Activites for Your Bachelor Party

Ditch Vegas and plan a glorious outdoor bachelor party. Bond with your friends over adrenaline and adventure with these 7 epic outdoor bachelor party ideas.

The notion of the debaucherous weekend in Vegas is still alive and well, but many of today’s gentlemanly grooms are opting to avoid waking up with a tattoo on their face in favor of something a little bit more rewarding and memorable.

Here are 7 stellar bachelor party ideas that offer a blast without having to board a plane.

Game Day

The best bachelor trip ideas celebrate masculinity, and nothing brings out your inner man like a day out at the field. Be it basketball, football, baseball, or whatever, choose your game and hit the road.

But this won’t be any old game. You’ll be getting there early for some proper tailgating complete with top-of-the-line cuts of steak and caterer-quality sides.

Since you’re celebrating, ditch the nosebleeds and spring for box seats. It’s expensive, but the groom deserves a once in a lifetime experience. Good food, great friends, and Giannis dunking on Lebron. What more could a man ask for?

Bungee Jumping

If you’re looking for adventure, this is one of the more crazy bachelor party ideas. Not only is it thrilling and a little dangerous, doing this as a group is the perfect metaphor for the other plunge that’s about to be taken.

Cheer each other on

This can be the entire event or can be just one of the activities among many bachelor party weekend ideas. If you are working it into a series of events, make sure you do this on day 1. Testing your bravery and getting that adrenaline going is a great way to kick off a party.


Keeping with the connecting with masculinity theme, there’s nothing more manly than connecting with nature and finding your roots. Some of the best outdoor bachelor party locations are National Parks. If you’ve always wanted to go but never been, take advantage of the opportunity.

Popping a tent is fine, but for this event, you’re going to want to step it up a notch. Glamping doesn’t sound too manly, but what it boils down to is better food, roomy shelter, and comfortable beds. If that’s not your style, compromise and rent a cabin.

Regardless of the accommodations you choose, pack a guitar, cut some wood, light a fire, and bring your poker set. Our other suggestions involve interacting with strangers, which is fine. But camping means just you and the boys, and that’s what this event is all about.

Cigar Bar

Most cigar bars are clubs that abide by sets of rules, you’ll want to brush up on your etiquette. Even if you’re attending a public lounge, the regulars will feel like members of an exclusive club. Put on your finest 007 suits and fit in like the gentlemen you are.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to blend in with a crowd for the big event, you can hire a cigar connoisseur (or even a cigar roller) to entertain you at the private venue of your choice. Keeping with the outdoor adventure bachelor party theme, choose a quiet outdoor setting as your place of enjoyment.

Either way, you’ll be treated to a night of fine cigar sampling and sipping VSOP cognac.


The only downside to a game of paintball with the bachelor party is choosing sides. Aside from that this is one of the best outdoor bachelor party ideas. If you find that part too difficult or your group isn’t big enough, you could always include the bachelorette party for a little men vs. women competition.

If you’ve never been, you will be leaving with a few lumps and bruises. But, fun bachelor party ideas that offer comardery and give in to your baser instincts makes it all worth it.

ATV Tour

Driving an ATV is a thrill like no other. You’re in complete control as the wind rushes past your face and the sand is kicked out from your tires. Spend the day racing through the trees and dunes and if you’re feeling brave, catching some air off of natural jumps.

ATV tours aren’t really available in the city, so this is a great chance for a bachelor party road trip. Hope in the car with your favorite tunes and hit the road.

This summer bachelor party event works best if you have a destination. End the day with a bonfire and s’mores, or a delicious meal with your favorite music.

When planning your bachelor party ideas, keep a few things in mind. You want it to be memorable, which means creating an event. You can sit and drink or go out clubbing any day of the year. A bachelor party is a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something adventurous.

Written by: Ryan


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