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6 Ways to Take Care of your Beard for No Shave November

It’s No Shave November! It’s the month where it is okay not to shave your beard. But if you look around nowadays, beards are in and no one is shaving the hair off of their face. So instead of us showing you how to grow your beard, we are going to help you keep it looking great and healthy! Check out these Tips given to us by Beard expert Rashad Jackson.

Rashard Jackson
  1. Wash and shampoo your beard. My Top two beard washes are Scotch Porter and Shea Moisture Men.

  2. Condition your beard. Some people think its enough to just wash and shampoo your beard. Just like you condition your hair on the top of your head, you need to condition the hair on your face.

  3. Moisturize it. It’s important to make sure your beard doesn’t look and feel dry. Moisturizing your beard will keep your beard looking fresh.

  4. Comb/pick your beard out. Start from the root and come upward and outward.

  5. Trim every 2-3 weeks for breakage. Use a good pair of grooming scissors and trim the split ends of your beard. This will help with the growth.

  6. Rock it with confidence.

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