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5 Ways To Enhance Your Workout

Are you working out week after week but feel like your just going to the gym just to be going to the gym? Check out these 5 ways you can maximize your workout!

1. That’s my Best Friend, That’s my Best Friend

You may think that going to the gym alone will ensure that you are focused but actually bringing a friend can help to motivate you. Having a gym partner increases your excitement and willingness to keep on going especially know that someone is watching.

2. Remix Your Routine

Do not do the same routine over and over again. Your body will adjust to the workout that it receives every week limiting the enhancement or growth.

3. Get in Formation

Many people go in the gym and just go ham. It’s best to plan not only what you will be working on that day but what exercises and equipment you want to use. Also time your sets. Nowadays everyone has a stopwatch on their phone. Use it.

4. Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let it Go…

Stop being in the gym for 4 hours! It’s not necessary. Think about it, after going hard for an hour you do not have the same intensity that you had when you first started. Try to keep your workouts to 45 minutes max.

5. You can sleep when you’re dead, THAT’S A LIE!

You have to rest your body. Your muscles actually grow when you are resting and when you are sleeping. If you are working out all the time and staying up all night, sorry to say, you won’t see a difference. Make sure you take time to relax and let the blood circulate to your muscles so they can expand.

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