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5 Top Suggestions for Treating Your Wife

She works hard, and she deserves a break. Luckily, you are just the gentleman for the job! Looking for inspiration in terms of how to ensure that the number one woman in your life feels both special and appreciated? Here are the top 5 suggestions for treating your wife to an experience that she won’t be quick to forget.

A full spa day

Nothing will refresh the body, mind, and soul, quite like a full-day visit to the spa. Here, your wife can lie back, relax, and savor every minute of being pampered. She can enjoy a lengthy massage, a revitalizing body scrub, and many, many hours spent lazing around in the hot tub. If the budget allows, why not encourage her to take a friend along – or perhaps turn the event into a couples retreat and make the most of some quality time together?

Do your research into various spas and keep a lookout for discounts and saving-savvy spa packages. If you need a bit of extra cash to make it all happen, you can consider applying for a small payday loan. Bad credit? No worries! It is now entirely possible to look for a loan with bad credit.

Visit the cinema

A visit to the cinema may seem like a boring idea, especially if you go there regularly. However, if you time it right, it can make for the most amazing ‘me time’ for both of you. Encourage your wife to take an afternoon off work and surprise her with a whirlwind, old-school date that includes a great film, followed by a decadent dinner after that. You will have plenty to chat about after having just watched the movie.

Netflix and chill

If you have children, you will be all too aware of how scarce time spent cuddling in front of the television has become. Treat your wife to a few hours of binge-watching her favorite show on Netflix by taking over all of the bedtime duties, such as bathing the kids, reading a story, and tucking them in for the night. Once you emerge from the routine and the kids are fast asleep, there will be plenty more time to watch something exciting together and cuddle to your heart’s content.


Take her on a shopping spree and try your best to enjoy it. The chances are good that she will appreciate the effort even more than the items that you pay for!

Cook for her

Even if you’re not an expert in the kitchen, your wife is sure to appreciate a home-cooked meal made especially for her. Even more so, she will appreciate being able to take a break from cooking duty herself. Get creative and cook something that you know she will enjoy. Or perhaps be daring and try something different that neither of you has ever sampled before.

Now that you have some ideas on how to treat your wife to a great date or some well-deserved ‘me-time,’ it is time to turn your plans into reality. Best of luck!


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