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5 Tools Every Man Should Have in His Garage

A philosopher Thomas Carlyle opined that man is an animal that loves tools, without them, a man is nothing. If he has them he is everything. You will never find a man without his tools.

Not every man can be considered a handyman. Every man needs a couple of tools in his garage. A garage serves both a functional and an aesthetic role. All handymen know that tools can be expensive so if you’re a builder, you may find it hard to buy all of the tools that you need. Luckily, you can finance your equipment here, which means you can run your business as normal without having to make financial sacrifices!

If a garage is well equipped, one can accomplish many things. An ill-equipped garage on the hand will lead to frustration. Your house plumbing might leak, and you have to fix it before the house floods. And an ill-repaired garage will lead to even more frustration, as you can’t access the tools you so desperately need. Luckily garage door spring repair service and other necessities are relatively easy to come by. Maintain your garage, fill it with tools, and it will maintain your household.

What tools are critical to a man’s garage? One should invest in high-quality tools that will last for years. Cheap tools will need constant replacement.

Garage Requirements

A Good Light Source

Garages are often very dark and scary places. One should ensure that they invest in a powerful LED light source. You can choose to have overhead lights or portable lights. There are several variations one can choose from. They include :

  1. Compact fluorescent lamps

  2. Halogen bulbs

  3. Fluorescent lamps

The preferred lighting system should be bright enough to light up the whole garage.

Work Space

One needs a sturdy bench or table to work on. The table should be preferably made from solid wood. It should also be wide enough to accommodate your tools and other items.

The workbench should be free from clutter. This ensures that work can start immediately and things are not misplaced.

If one is on a budget, they can purchase a sturdy wooden table from garage sales.

Fire Extinguisher

This is perhaps the most critical piece of equipment one should have in their garage. Many people often perform tasks that\ involve the use of fire or heat. You will need a fire extinguisher to put out any accidental fires.

You need to ensure that flammable items are locked up securely. One also needs to have a fire blanket handy in case of an emergency.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit should have the following items painkiller, sanitizers, gloves, bandage, and normal saline solution.

This is very important because one will be working with power tools most of the time. Injuries are common in garages and one should have a first aid kit ready.

Tools every man should have in his garage