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5 Tips to Make your Next Anniversary Unforgettable

Did you know that only 6% of couples in the U.S. live to see their 50th anniversary?

Your wedding anniversary is a special day for both you and your partner. It’s the day when you tied the knot. It’s the day when you started on a beautiful journey.

To a married couple, one of the most memorable days that can happen once every year is your anniversary. Even if you don’t consent to celebrate this day with pomp and grandeur, or involving more people, it can definitely be a day that you celebrate remembering the moments that you cherished together.

Every anniversary is special, and you would want to create memories that last. Here are a few cool tips that can make your next anniversary an unforgettable day.

Making a reservation at the restaurant you visited together for the first time

An anniversary is nothing other than a reminder of what’s special. Relive those special moments and create new memories. Take time planning a perfect day with your better half. It could very likely be the restaurant or eatery where you first met or visited together for the first time.

Food, desserts and some jolly good alcohol is an extremely important ingredient that brews love and the thought and feelings that go behind you choosing this particular place for your anniversary celebration, would be reflected clearly to your partner. So, you are definitely in the right set-up to spark some love that might have become ordinary over the years.

Pampering your spouse with tailored chocolates, cakes, and gifts from that restaurant or eatery could be even more indulging.

Planning the perfect getaway

What do you like to do? Whether it be adventure sports like snorkeling or just a romantic evening out, you know your partner more than anyone else. Think of something that you wouldn’t normally do. It could be listening to some favorite songs or playing a game of chess or visiting a place together. Planning the perfect getaway will not only relieve you from your tedious routine but will also leave you enough time to rejoice in each other’s company and celebrate the love that binds you together as one.

It could be a day trip to a favorite spot nearby or a destination vacation to some exciting locale, or the lofty mountains or the sprawling beaches, anything that suits the liking of you two.

Taking an overnight adventure trip

It is often said that marriage and the resulting stress often simmers down the flame of love. An adventure can be a simple but effective way of spicing things up between you two with some well-deserved adrenaline. It’s time to open the floodgates of love.

An overnight adventure trip could be a backpacking getaway or a camp-out where you and your partner indulge in the youthfulness of love and forget about the institution of marriage. If you and your partner have been adrenaline-seekers all your life, then this could possibly give your anniversary a seal of romance and an exceptional memory.

Going on a retreat

If you and your partner are the ones who habitually search for peace and tranquillity, then this could be one of the finest ways that you decide to celebrate your anniversary date together. Going on a yoga or a meditation retreat together will enthuse you and your senses while nurturing the love that you have for each other.

Spending a lonesome day at a retreat in the midst of nature will help you to appreciate the smallest details and the beauty that comes along with it. You could also do this without opting for some popular retreat by renting a cabin or a similar property within a forest yourself.

Spent time together

Even it might be difficult to find passion after those years, it is very important to spend some private time. Just you two together in bed having a good time and hugging. Maybe use can use some aphrodisiacs to make things going faster and wilder like it was in the past!

We can recommend you only herbal aphrodisiacs such as chocolate, strawberries or some Chinese herbs. Maybe find some properly made mixture which will contain more of them. Our tip is Spanish Fly Pro.

Learning a new craft or art

An anniversary is an occasion that reminds you that you have both grown together and took vows to grow together in the future. You stood up for one another in times of need. Therefore, an anniversary could well be the best time when you choose to start something together. It could be learning a new craft or art together like tap-dancing or using oil-paint.

It could be learning new recipes or brewing your own ale. This would reinvigorate and reinforce your bonds. You will love trying new things together.

Don’t let the bond between you die. Don’t let your next anniversary be just another one. Let your partner know you feel special. Sure, you might have your share of less-than-memorable or utterly forgettable memories. But nothing beats the experience of memories you can cherish forever.

Wouldn’t you want to create another one?


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