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5 Things We Learned From King Combs’ Fuse’s Digital Series ‘Lie Detector’ Episode

King Combs debut on Fuse’s new digital series, Lie Detector is sure to amuse and entertain fans. The talented, fresh-faced youth is paving the way to become the next Hip-Hop legend. Clearly musical genius runs in the family. CYN proves to be a promising, young musical ensemble. Here are the highlights showcasing the episode’s most memorable moments.

When asked if he’d pay on the first date he said “Yes”. King Combs considers this to be a gentlemanly gesture. He was praised for having a good code of ethics, and his father was noted as a positive mentor.

When it comes to style, King Combs believes he’s the winner hands down. His CYN group members agree that he’s the most fashion forward. Being fashionable is essential for an individual and their brand.

He believes in CYN and the fresh approach they give to Hip Hop. He views himself as the most talented rapper in the group. The young prodigy states that kindness is important, and he strives to retain a positive attitude in any circumstance. King Combs claims to be the nicest member of the group.

He believes in the importance of paying homage to the legendary pioneers of Hip Hop. The young upstart also views himself as a trailblazer in his groundbreaking musical endeavors. He would never disrespect his father by creating a “diss track” about him. King Combs freely acknowledges his father’s pivotal role in the development of his flourishing career. With a shining example set before him, his future looks very bright.

He states that his bad boy legacy will take New York by storm. This rising star radiates with youthful confidence and charisma. Since all the questions were developed by his fellow group members, they can vouch for his undoubted honesty. Be sure to check out and Fuse’s YouTube channel for more episodes of Lie Detector.

Check out the full episode below.


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