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The 5 Best Things To Do In Italy

Italy is a beautiful country with many different regions that you must explore. You might come to Italy because you love food, you want to ski in the Alps, or you want to enjoy the ocean. As you plan your trip to Italy, depending on the type of trip you would like to enjoy, try out the things listed below.

1. Tuscany

You can try castles for rent in Italy when you come to Tuscany. There are several old castles in this region that you can rent for the week while you are in the country. You might use these castles as a home base for your adventures, or you could stay in a different castle every night if you are traveling from the coast across the region toward Rome.

You can try beautiful wines, explore the hills of Tuscany, and hike through the region. There are small villages, family businesses that have lasted for centuries, and wineries that will let you stomp the grapes yourself. You may also want to stay in a castle on the property if the winery owns several old structures.

2. Rome

When you travel east from Tuscany, you can head into Rome to enjoy all the historic buildings in the region. Rome was the seat of power in Europe for hundreds of years, and the city still sports the Colosseum, ancient neighborhoods, and new fashion houses that prefer to do business in the city. You can take a tour with a guide, or you might want to enjoy the new financial district and fashion district.

3. The Alps

When you travel up to Milan or Turin, you will be amongst the Alps. Milan is a great place to see a soccer match, and you can enjoy the fashion houses in the city before you head into the mountains. As you get into the mountains, you can travel to Turin and Cortina, which have both hosted the Winter Olympics. You may want to find a sleepy skiing village, and you are so close to Austria and France that you can cross international borders in a rented Fiat that you picked up in Turin.

The Alps are so large that you can drive on small B roads for your entire journey and never get bored. You must also consider if you want to stay in a bed and breakfast, an old castle, or a luxury resort.

4. Naples

When you travel down the coast to Naples, you will arrive in a seaside city that allows you to rest on the beach every day if you want. Naples has beautiful fashion houses, historic buildings, and a range of shopping options for the discerning traveler. You can stay in old castles around the city, and you can take a tour of the coast that will lead you to the tip of the “boot” that makes up Italy’s southern coast.

Naples has a unique culture. You can roam the cobblestone streets of the old city to meet new people, hear the music of the region, and see the cultural dances that started in this city.

5. Bologna

When you leave Milan or want to drive to the north of Italy, you can take a trip to the beautiful city of Bologna. This is a gorgeous old city that was once the home of royalty and beautiful castles. You can stay in these castles during your trip, or you can enjoy walking the streets of the old city. You may also want to indulge in your love of sports cars when you get to the region.

When you get to Bologna, you can visit the Lamborghini factory and see how these wildly modern cars are made. You can head to Maranello to see the Ferrari factory, and you can visit the homes of Ducati, Pagani, and Maserati. These are some of the most established marks in the history of driving, and you can even pay for a special tour that allows you to sit in one of these amazing cars and possibly drive it with a professional test driver.

When you go to Italy on vacation, you can add all these cities and regions to your itinerary, and you can travel through Italy for a week or more to see the beautiful sights this country has to offer. Staying in an old castle will make you feel like you are living in another time. You can try amazing food, great wine, and beautiful cars. You can lay on the beach one day, and you can ski in the Alps the next day. Italy even has the ancient city of Rome that you need to see to believe.

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