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5 Shows to Binge Through the Week

We know the week just started, but just in case you need to something to watch during your lunch or after work here are 5 shows you should be binge watching!

Insecure (1 season)

With the first episode of season two airing last night the time is now to watch all 10 episodes from season one. A show created by Issa Rae and Larry WilmoreInsecure is a fantastical experience of one woman’s life. A comedy by name but underneath the satire is real problems and concerns many in the can relate to.

As a 29-year-old in the first season, Rae struggles with the idea of turning 30 and feelings of unfulfillment. The show is not afraid to delve into awkward situations for its characters and, Rae typically being the most uncomfortable in the room. However, they never detract from the show and viewing experience. One of the many shows to get snubbed by the Emmysepisodes are less than half an hour and well worth your time.

Where can you get it? HBO

Rick and Morty (2 seasons)

The adult swim animated comedy is truely, one of the funniest shows (about to be) on television. Another story of regular people who just so happen to travel through space, time, and some alternate realities. Young Morty and his drunken grandfather Rick are oddest of duos since Turner and Hooch. If you finish the second season and want more, no need to worry as season three will begin net Sunday.

Morty is afraid of his shadow and Rick is a maniacal mad genius who fears nothing. Filled with strange and often times accurately named characters, the show is unique. Don’t let the animation scare you away, it’s like no other animated series. Even with some of the comedy being “low-brow” and rudimentary, the atmosphere of their world breathes a certain amount of realism shows like Family Guy or the Simpsons don’t possess.

Where Can you get it? Hulu is streaming the first two seasons but there are full episodes all over the internet.

Master of None (2 Seasons)

This show is like a great Empanada.  You can look at it from every angle but you can’t know what it’s like until you get into it. And then the bite, it’s jam packed full of flavors with a decent percentage of the interior to exterior flavors. However, when that second bite comes around, the flavor overload will hit you and you’ll be lost in its beauty and simplicity.

While these illustrations don’t fit perfectly, Master of None has the makings of one of the better shows in existence. Although unlike the previous two there is no new season coming out because it already did. The Netflix Original is one of the companies critical successes behind House of Cards, garnering both an Emmy win and a Golden Globe Nomination. Although the show still somehow remains obscure to the public eye.

While Season one brought them an Emmy, the show and its actors find themselves and what the show is in season two.

Where you can get it. Netflix, have you not been listening?

Ozark (1 season)

Hot off the reel, Ozark is Netflix’s newest Crime Thriller. Released on Friday, the immediate response to the show has been positive. With an 8.8 rating on IMDB, it appears Netflix may have found its next big show. All that in mind, I have not watched it yet but I have been interested in giving it a go. With Jason Bateman at the forefront, Ozark appears to have more feeling and life than a similar show like Bloodline. 

Where can you get it? Ask a friend for their Netflix password and binge away.

30 Rock (7 seasons)

If these shows are too much to emotionally get invested in right now, there a solution. The solution is Liz Lemon, Tracey Jordan, Jack Donaghy and many other lovable characters in series created by Tina Fey. If a show that you can jump in and out of at a moments notice is what you’re looking for, this is what you need.

Spanning seven seasons at just 22 minutes the episodes will begin to breeze by once you get started and if we’re being honest it’s a show that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Often overshadowed during its initial airing by NBC counterpart ‘The Office.’

Where Can you get it? At this point, you might aswell just get Netflix.


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