5 Reasons you Will Love the 2018 Ford Expedition

Since I do not have any children and I am not a construction worker, I tend to overlook trucks and SUV’s. But that changed when I hopped inside the new 2018 Ford Expedition. Check out the 5 reasons you will love the new spacious 2018 Ford Expedition.


All-New 2018 Expedition FX4

Have you ever wished your car door would open up a little bit more. Especially when you are trying to fit that box inside? Well, the new Expedition doors open just a little bit more than regular doors. They actually open up 90 degrees for easy entry as well as to help with storage!

Wireless Charging

2018 Ford Expedition

Who is like me when it comes to fumbling with your charger inside the car? Mine gets caught in my seatbelt and lost in-between the seat and the center console. I hate it. I was excited to see that Expedition has added a wireless charging dock to the center of the car which is perfect for your phone. It currently works with Android devices and can work with iPhones if the iPhone has the wireless charging case.


2018 Ford Expedition

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