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5 Reasons Why the Bahamas is the Ideal Summer Vacation Hotspot for 2018

2017 has come and gone, and it’s all about 2018 now. If you’re one of those souls desperately seeking some excitement in January to counteract those post-Christmas blues, booking a summer vacation should certainly be at the top of your to-do list this month. If you want a vacation destination that offers guaranteed sunshine, friendly locals and delicious food and drink, look no further than the Bahamas.

For those with hectic professional lifestyles, this Caribbean retreat really is a place that allows you to recharge those batteries to the maximum. The island enjoys perpetually comfortable temperatures, making it possible to visit all year round and enjoy the pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife and 100% relaxed way of life. Nevertheless, to enjoy the best Bahamian temperatures ranging from 27-30 degrees Celsius, it’s recommended that you venture there in the summer months.

More than six million people visit the island via plane and sea each year, dwarfing the 400,000 Bahamian citizens that live here. What’s great about holidaying in the Bahamas is that the majority of locals speak excellent English, although it is usually a hybrid of British and American English — known by many as the Bahamian Creole — given the island’s proximity to Florida. For busy working men looking to de-stress and unwind, here are five reasons to check out the Bahamas in 2018 that no one can argue with.

An island brimming with festivities, the Bahamas is a nation where there’s always something going on 24/7. The Bahamians sure do know how to party, and if you really want to mix with the locals, it’s a great idea to visit during the Bahamas Hunkanoo Carnival, which is one of the most eagerly-anticipated events of the year. It begins at the end of April and runs through to early May.

Nassau nightlife – When the sun goes down, the Bahamian capital of Nassau is the place to be for the most vibrant nightlife. There’s everything from beach clubs to intimate nightclubs on offer here. Bambu is arguably the most exclusive nightclub on the island and is reminiscent of South Beach and Ibiza — such is the laidback vibe there.

Fresh, healthy seafood – If you’re fanatical about your food, you’ll be delighted by the local cuisine here. As one would expect, given its position in the Atlantic Ocean, the staple diet of the Bahamas is its fresh seafood. There are most definitely influences from the deep south of the United States, too. The Bahamian national dish is conch, a shellfish which is often made into fritters, soups and upscale pizzas.

Incredible snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities – Comprising over 700 islands and islets, there is lots to explore around the Bahamas. It’s a country that’s a sure-fire winner with snorkelers and scuba divers keen on getting up close and personal with the Atlantic’s sea life. If you’re interested in moving to the Bahamas, take a look at this Bahamas Guides to learn more about this beautiful place. You’ll be living in paradise!

Soak up its complex heritage – Did you know that Christopher Columbus first discovered the Bahamas in the New World back in 1492? Columbus later named the island San Salvador, but many centuries and social uprisings later, the Bahamas gained independence as a sovereign state back in 1973. It’s a nation with a rich and diverse culture that’s just waiting to be explored.

With great hotel facilities, superb activities, and world-class Bahamian hospitality, it’s difficult to leave once you get here. This archipelago leaves an instant impression. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore the Caribbean Sea!


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