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5 Reasons Why Every Man Is Obsessed with Filippo Loreti Watches

Having the perfect timepiece on your arm is as important as having the right shoes on your feet. Men have always been judged by what they used to tell time and as men become even more interested in what they look like their watches must lead with luxurious taste. Filippo Loreti is a company to watch out for (pun intended) as there aim is to challenge the status quo in the traditional watchmaking industry.

Time is life, with every tick of the watch on your hand, time passes by. The most important thing about time is that once it is lost it can never be regained. All successful people are time conscious, to become a man of impact in your generation, you must know how to manage time because 24 hours is not really enough for the activities of one day, and what other friend do you need to remind you of the time except the Filippo LoretiItalian style watches.

Watches compliment style: personally, watches attract more attention than any other item in my wardrobe.

The range of acceptable jewelry for a man is limited. Many men are only going to be seen with three main accessories decorating their hands – a nice watch, a stylish pair of cufflinks, and a simple wedding band if they’re married.

In addition to helping wearers stick to their schedules, wristwatches make it easier for them to display their sense of style. They are a form of self-expression – reflecting a hint of danger, adventure, and sports depending on the make of the watch.

Watches can communicate a lot about the wearer’s personality. For those that prefer a bit of high-status bling on their wrist, a Filippo Loreti can be an understated, timeless and incredibly masculine accessory.

A wristwatch is more than a time-keeper. It is a symbol of tradition and history encased in a showpiece with extreme craftsmanship.

Not many men realize that they are wearing pieces of art on their wrist. Some watch houses have four craftsmen working on one watch for several months – designing complex pieces of technology by hand. An analog watch has a simple and consistent mechanism. The way of expressing it is where the bulk of the creativity comes in. Watch design is inherently artistic. There is a lot of generic and non-inspiring watch styles out there, but the best stuff is beautiful and how often do you call a tool beautiful?

Art on a watch can come in multiple forms. The dial can literally be a painting, or the design of the instrument itself is pure art. For many people – the movement arouses as much fascination as the dial and case.

As the saying goes – boys look at their smartphones to check time – men look at a watch.

Call it what you will, a quality luxury watch is a man’s equivalent to the engagement ring.

I have started off by giving the importance of time and why it is necessary to manage your time for a productive life, but just about any wristwatch can tell the time, isn’t that so? In the current day and age, almost everything and anything can tell you what the time is; ranging from your electronic devices, mobile phones, iPads, to mechanical devices such as your vehicles, motorcycles and all. So why am I recommending that you use a Filippo Loreti wristwatch?

Below are five reasons why you should be wearing a Filippo Loreti watch.

It is Timeless: The dream and the style behind the invention of this brand will retain its relevance for many years to come. It is something very important and must be taken into a note. The human race is filled with diverse human characters as each and every individual is unique in his/her own way, what Mr. A wants may be different from what Mr. B wants and the Filippo Loreti brand has found a common ground where each and every one of these diverse needs can be met. There is something for everyone, you cannot help but love this model, you just have to wear one and it will fit perfectly into what your idea of a watch should be irrespective of your age or dispensation.

It is original: originality is the keyword when you wear the Filippo Loreti watch, it exudes originality and class. This is a brand that is gender-sensitive, strong and durable and has an industry-leading 10 years international warranty period, quite simply, nothing beats that.

Beauty personified: what is your definition of beauty? I can simply say that the Filippo Loreti is beauty personified.

Water-resistant: have you ever been scared of damaging one thing or the other you possess by mistake? Things like the screen of your mobile phone, your television, and other electronics? Accidents most of the time are unavoidable, and these things happen, but a device created with these occurrences in mind at the time of creation can better address those things when the situation arises.

Affordable: most times quality comes at a price and the Filippo Loreti Watch doesn’t come with an extensive cost on the product. It is so affordable almost everyone can afford it. It doesn’t cost a fortune to afford this golden brand of watches.

Simplicity: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The Filippo Loreti watches are simple and sophisticated at the same time, they tell of the style sense of any man. It flows perfectly with any suit, and it doesn’t have to get you all worked up trying to look for a watch that fits your blazer or shirt.

Check out some of their watches below.


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