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5 Must-have Entertaining Accessories to Make You Look Like a Pro Host

The end of the year is approaching and the opportunity to host an event in your home is only a few details away. The first detail is what and when. What type of event will you host at home and when will you host said event? Once you decide, then the rest of the details are all about making you, the host, look good and your guests feel at home.

You can always hire an event planner, but if time and budget are considerations, then maybe some of these must-have accessories will help.

Multiple serving platters in at least three sizes

You will need a serving platter for the entrée if you are serving dinner. It has to be large enough to perform double-duty, if necessary. For example, it should be able to serve both meat and vegetables. It does not have to be fancy. White ceramic works or you can purchase one that is made of a sustainable wood like cherry, oak and walnut.

The other two platters are for anything from desserts to bread. They can be smaller as not to take up too much room on your dining table or buffet.

Crate and Barrel make this durable and stylish oven-to-table oval platter that comes with matching serveware.

Trays for serving appetizers, tapas and hors d’oeuvres.

Unless you’re the matchy type, then these trays do not have to match. They should be sturdy and good-looking. When in doubt, go with sustainable wood. The Riley/Land Collection has this small stripe cutting board that can be used for serving appetizers or displaying charcuterie.

A functional, funky salad bowl.

Nothing says “I know what I am doing” like a great salad bowl with matching utensils. The Riley/Land Collection has the Benson bowl and the RL Essential spoon collection that comes in walnut, cherry and maple. The beauty of this bowl is that it can be used to serve pasta and large servings of vegetables.

A set of uniform plates and accessories.

Gone are the days when you would buy a box or two or matching plates, bowls, and cups. You don’t have to do that. Pros buy white plates and accessories. They are economical and you can buy them in bulk from a wide range of places like restaurant supply stores, resale stores, and even a big box store. White plates also make the food the focus.

Decanters, pitchers and glassware.

If this is your first attempt at entertaining, purchase a decanter or two for your spirits and wine. A wine decanter is made differently than spirits (scotch, bourbon, whiskey) decanter. Make sure you have the appropriate glassware too. You need enough white and red wine glasses for guests as well as glasses to drink cocktails and highballs. Your local restaurant supply store carries them all and they can be purchased affordably.

Napkins and coasters.

You will need plenty of both. West Elm has these affordable organic cotton napkins that come in a variety of color options and that can be monogrammed for an additional cost. They are also easy to launder. As for coasters, search around for some that reflect your personality and decor, and purchase two larger sized coasters for decanters and pitchers.

Here is one more pro tip: Keep an event table and chair company’s phone number nearby should you have more guests than table space and chairs. If all else fails, hire an event planner. But I believe you got this.

Written by Anthony Rodell


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