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5 Healthy Reasons Why Men Should Masturbate

We are halfway through “No Shave November” which is when men don’t shave for all of November and donate the money that they would use on grooming to cancer research organizations. But in recent years, there has been a new goal to be met in the eleventh month. “No Nut November” is when men refrain from masturbating for 30 days! While paying regular visits to websites such as seems to be a pretty common occurence for a lot of men, many have decided to leave their meat alone for the whole month.

Self-pleasure has always been a controversial topic and for every point which is in favor of it, there is a point which goes against the practice of masturbation. Masturbation is neither good nor bad it’s just a natural phenomenon in human behavioral evolution which can’t be denied. Like it or not, the truth is that men just enjoy paying visits to sites like dosexvideo to beat their meat sometimes. The secret lies in Self Control. If you did it unknowingly in teenage, it’s Ok! But in adulthood when you are aware of it you can regulate it and use it for your benefits.

Below are the 5 health benefits of masturbation only a few people realize.

#1. It Releases Sexual Tension

Sexual urge or desire is as natural as hunger. Prolonged unfulfilled sexual urge leads to Sexual Tension. This leads to desperation & affects your temperament & Judgment. A strong sexual tension can easily be relieved by masturbation. It brings you back to your senses and calms your nerve down. It takes you out of that desperate situation where you could have made the wrong decision.

#2. It Boosts Mood

No matter what we are doing, sometimes we feel low. It’s ok to feel so and we need to rebound from that. Having a positive image of your body and pleasuring yourself can boost your mood. When you masturbate, brain chemicals like Dopamine and Prolactin are released. These are mood altering hormones. Their effects are equivalent to mood-altering drugs. And that is why you should not take masturbation as an easy way out every time. It may lead to addiction.

#3. It Helps You Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Every time you masturbate your brain is flooded with neurochemicals like Dopamine, Endorphin & Oxytocin. This is a cocktail of perfect stress buster hormone your body produces naturally. Cortisol (Stress Hormone) levels drop suddenly after orgasm & these effects are equivalent to narcotics. Masturbating once in a while will surely give you immediate relief from stress and anxiety. But you should not do it habitually because the effects are temporary and you may get addicted to masturbation. Alternatively, do regular exercise, it has the same effects which are gradual and long-term.

#4. It Builds Sexual Stamina

Masturbation, when done in a controlled manner, builds sexual stamina. It helps you last longer in bed and improves your sexual performance. Lasting longer and satisfying your partner gives you immense self-confidence. Which can greatly affect your relationship and performance in every aspect of life? Search for “edging exercise” and you will know the proper way of building sexual stamina.

#5. It Helps You Sleep

You may have observed that you mostly feel sleepy after orgasm. This is due to release of a hormone called as melatonin. This hormone maintains the body clock and sleep cycle. Masturbation leads to relaxation and calmness which eventually end up in good deep sleep. Doing it once in a while is ok but don’t make it a habit. Stay away from digital screens and exercise & meditate for a good sleep.

As we told you earlier masturbation is neither good nor bad in itself. it’s all about “self-control” you can use it for advantage if you know how to control it. If you want more tips on how to control it, check out

Have you been participating in “No Not November”? If so, how’s it working out?


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