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5 Top Activity Ideas in the USA

Planning any vacation is tough when it’s somewhere that has so much to offer and so many varying activities. A trip to the US is great in that it offers such a diverse range of experiences which can truly suit everybody, whether traveling alone, as a couple or a large group.

Here are just a few suggestions to get you started on your trip.

A Basketball Game

America has a great sports culture, and if you’ve always wanted to see a big game live, then America is the place to do it. You’ll find no experience compares to sitting with a huge bunch of die-hard basketball fans, and if you don’t have a specific team in mind in terms of support, take a look into the different locations, teams and what it all means. offers a full list of locations, schedules, and available tickets to help you with your experience.

Take in a Theme Park

No trip to the USA would be complete if you didn’t factor in at least one theme park. Even if you’re not a fan of huge rollercoasters or adrenaline-fueled rides, America’s parks are so vast and exciting that you can have an amazing experience just walking around with the family and taking everything in, especially if you’re in Walt Disney World or the Animal Kingdom. Or if you’re more into marine life, you can check out SeaWorld as an alternative option.

A Broadway Show in New York City

Be opened-minded when it comes to this one, because it may be that the tickets to the one coveted show you’d love to see are already gone – such is the way with the popularity of Broadway! The amount of choice for shows, however, is large, and if you just pick any one of them, you’ll still have a fantastic experience just being there.

Don’t forget to check out the TKTS booth in Times Square to see if you can grab same-day discounted tickets to a show, and you won’t regret it no matter what you end up seeing.

Experience the Freedom Trail

If you’re more into your historical experiences, then you’ll want to walk this trail in Boston. The 2.5-mile pathway, led by red-brick markers, will take you past 16 historical American landmarks, including the USS Constitution, and it also has many great places to stop and eat along the way, including the oldest restaurant in Boston.

Visit Niagara Falls

It may sound like a huge cliché and one of the busiest tourist spots, but there’s a reason for that. All the crowd-fighting will be worth it when you feel the mist and spray from the Falls on your face and on to your plastic poncho (the best kind of souvenir). This iconic group of waterfalls is definitely a bucket list item. Summer season is peak season due to the high-temperature and therefore the blessed relief of the cooling action of the Falls, which makes the area feel refreshing and more bearable.


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