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40% of Men Have This Embarassing Health Issue

1 out of every 4 erectile dysfunction (ED) patients is under 40. Unsurprisingly, most men who perform for websites like hdpornvideo do not tend to suffer from this issue. Erectile dysfunction is thought to be most common in men over 75, but alarmingly, studies show it is on the rise in younger males. By the age of 40, nearly 40% of men have ED. There are lots of treatments for ED, for example one of them is to use penis stretchers in order to improve the quality of a man’s erection. As with anything health related, don’t make any drastic changes without consulting a doctor to speak about your individual needs and concerns. Alternatively, there are also a wide range of male virility supplements such as those available from the VigRX Plus official website. It’s all about finding a remedy that works for you. In addition, a brand new procedure being done with an FDA cleared device is using acoustic waves to help thousands of men.

The GAINSWave is a remarkable, new erectile dysfunction treatment that uses pulsed energy waves to increase blood flow to the penis. The procedure is noninvasive and no medicine or shots are required. It is a natural holistic treatment that is pain-free with no side effects. Studies have shown better treatment of ED using the GAINSWave over Viagra and Cialis. Studies are even showing using GAINSWave could be the cure to ED. Good blood flow is essential to erectile function. The mild energy waves of the GAINSWave™ open up aging blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new vessels. The improved blood flow results in stronger, harder, and more sustainable erections.

GAINSWave Therapy is a powerful approach to significantly improving those with ED. Would you like to learn more? We have several doctors who can speak to this as well as patients who are raving about their results. GAINSWave is the only company in the USA to create evidence-based protocols with exclusive rights to the only FDA cleared medical device that can treat ED. GAINSWave plans to offer the treatment throughout the United States with locations currently in Miami, Chicago, Seattle, and Portland.


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