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4 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Elijah Blake and Jordin Sparks’ Latest EP

Jordin Sparks hasn’t released new music in four years. During her hiatus, she has gotten married and had a child. Her fans have been asking for new music, and she delivered with a new EP. Not only did she come back with new music, but she also brought along vocal powerhouse Elijah Blake. Known for writing songs for the likes of Keyshia Cole, Rick Ross, Rihanna, and Usher, Blake is demanding his space in the limelight. Their joint project 1990’s Forever is a four-track EP, and it is definitely a mood!

Here are four reasons you should take a listen today!

  1. 90s R&B. If you love R&B, this is definitely an EP for you. This is the chillin in front of your fireplace, wearing a turtleneck and grabbing the air type of music. The kind of music that brings you back to your first love.

  2. Timely. With the recent passing of Nipsey Hussle, it’s refreshing to be able to listen to music that puts you in the mood for love. These tracks will definitely have you in your feelings, from the metaphorical lyrics to the nostalgic 90s sound.

  3. Duets. Remember back in the day when men and women would go back and forth on songs? Kelly Price and Avant, Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men, and Whitney and Bobby Brown, just to name a few! I haven’t heard a good duet in a long time, and on each of these songs Jordan and Elijah are vocally battling it out!

  4. Track 4. The last song on their EP titled Liar Liar is my favorite! Could be the beat, the lyrics or the emotion tied to all the lies I’ve encountered in past relationships. Regardless, it’s definitely a song that you will keep on repeat!

Check out 1990’s Forever below.


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