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4 Last Minute Gifts

Christmas is in 3 days and some of you are scrambling to find last minute gifts. Here are a few gifts that can come in handy your last minute shopping!

Brina is the perfect gift for all your family and friends that love their wine. With the bottle in the sleeve, it keeps the wine cold for more than an hour and protects the bottle from breaking. It is handcrafted and produced exclusively in Italy. With zippers on both sides, its lightweight and easy-to-use. Starting at $65.00

Society Socks is a subscription service that sends you two stylish pairs of socks each month and simultaneously donates two pairs to a charity in need. You’re guaranteed to love the fun and stylish designs we surprise you with each month, and you can feel good about upping your sock game while doing the same for someone else. Gift Certificates are available for customers to print and provide to their recipient before the gift arrives. Starting at $16.00

Who knew a beard oil could smell so good?  The Fresh Heritage Classic Beard Oil uses the best time-honored ingredients curated from African roots to groom today’s man. The ingredients are an exclusive blend of premium oils designed to give you a thicker, fuller and softer beard. We designed this specifically for men of color. *Price – $25.00

Google Home

Google Home can help you find answers for many of your daily questions, including calculator, translations, unit conversions, nutrition, dictionary, and more. Price – $29.99


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